The AIRO 2016 SAPS Census Mapping Viewer will provide planners, policy-makers, researchers and the public with easy access to trends on population change in Ireland, demographic profiles of local areas, and many additional indicators on key themes to assist in understanding the social, economic and environmental characteristics of Ireland today. Essentially a public good service, the AIRO project provides maps, data analysis, policy advice, and research and training. Working with both public and private sector organisations, AIRO deals with a wide variety of different types of information such as demographics, housing, wind energy, crime and cultural mapping amongst others.
Working in close collaboration with the Central Statistics Office (CSO) the team at AIRO have developed a very detailed national census mapping viewer for the Republic of Ireland. This toolkit provides a national level visualisation of more than 160 census variables at the Small Area (SA) geographical scale in Ireland.
You can access the AIRO 2016 Census SAPS Mapping Viewer here.
As with previous releases the CSO are now providing a lot more interpretation and analysis of results by incorporating illustrative presentations, thematic maps and easy to read commentary. For anyone involved in research, planning, policy making or indeed those just interested in demographics these are really excellent reference documents to use. Full results and summary descriptions of all CSO Census releases are available here:
The background mapping on our viewer is using Ordnance Survey Ireland MapGenie and enables users to get the best possible visual analysis of local areas. This is the authoritative background mapping for Ireland and is licensed for use under the new National Mapping Agreement.