New Data Hub launched by AIRO and Women for Election

The AIRO - Women for Election hub is a comprehensive repository of data on gender equality in Irish politics
Friday, May 26, 2023 - 10:15

Innovative Data Hub launched by Women for Election and the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) in Maynooth University

5 people pictured standing on steps: From Left to Right Prof Yvonne Galligan (TUD), Eoghan McCarthy (AIRO-MU), Dr Fiona Buckley (UCC), Justin Gleeson (AIRO-MU), Dr Lisa Keenan (TCD)
Women for Election is today hosting a national conference to champion solutions that will make politics more accessible, inclusive, safe and equal for women across Ireland. The conference includes the launch of a new and innovative Women for Election Data Hub.

The event hosted in Cork also includes a series of panel discussions and speeches from political leaders to mark the launch of the new Data Hub.

The Data Hub is a comprehensive repository of statistical data, providing unparalleled insights into the state of gender equality in Irish politics.

Curated by Justin Gleeson of AIRO (Maynooth University), Claire McGing (Institute of Art, Design and Technology), Dr Fiona Buckley (UCC) and Dr Lisa Keenan (TCD), this powerful resource aims to support informed decisions on political representation, drive meaningful change, and contribute to a more equitable future for all.


Pictured above from left to right are: Prof Yvonne Galligan (TUD), Eoghan McCarthy (AIRO-MU), Dr Fiona Buckley (UCC), Justin Gleeson (AIRO-MU), Dr Lisa Keenan (TCD)

It is the first time such data has been gathered, centralised in one place, and accessible to the public. It tells the story of gender equality in Ireland and the considerable work that lies ahead.

Justin Gleeson, Director of AIRO in Maynooth University said: “The Women for Election Data Hub is a fantastic new tool that tells the story of the history of women in politics in Ireland since 1918. Using state of the art data visualisation and mapping technology, the Hub brings to life a wide range of data on general, local and European elections in Ireland. The Hub is a great step forward for evidence-based planning and another example of how Ireland is leading the way in developing national data tools to understand key social, economic and environmental issues.”

Graph illustrating number of Irish female candidates and elected over 30 years

CEO Women for Election Caitriona Gleeson said: "It has been a real honour to collate this important data with brilliant academics and AIRO in Maynooth University. Their experience and knowledge in unparalleled. For the first time we have a clear map of where work needs to continue to achieve 50/50 in Irish Politics. There's no disputing the numbers; work needs to be done and we want to see it happen ahead of the 2024 local elections." 
Graph illustrating that Ireland has the 6th lowest rate of female participation in parlament in the EU

Women for Election invites you to visit the Data Hub. Engage with the data, share the insights, and ignite conversations about gender equality. Remember, knowledge is power, but only when shared and acted upon.

The data hub is available here;