Message from the Head of Department, Professor Hana Cervinkova

I am writing to welcome you to the Anthropology Department at the start of this unprecedented academic year when we are all facing difficulties related to the COVID-19 epidemic. As a department we realize the challenges and disruptions this is causing to your lives and to your academic experience. We want to assure you that we will do everything we can to make this academic year as fruitful as possible for your learning, adapting our modules and our pedagogies to the developing and changing conditions in which we are going to be functioning for the foreseeable future. We are ready to offer you maximum support and work with you to make sure that you succeed in your studies achieving the goals you have set for yourself. We have engaged a number of additional tutors for this academic year, who will be working with you in small groups. And both lecturers and tutors are ready to offer you their help, as is the Anthropology office staff and me as the Head of Department.

In order for online model of teaching to work, we need you to follow messages and instructions from your lecturers delivered through Moodle, Teams or email. Please make sure you read these carefully. For those of you who are just starting your studies at Maynooth, please take your time to get familiar with the technologies that you will be using over the course of this academic year. Moodle and Teams are going to be essential channels of communication for teaching and learning and so are the electronic collections of the MU library.

I want you to know that while we were all very much looking forward to meeting in person, we are fully prepared to create the best possible academic experience using remote teaching and learning technologies.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions (please email Jacqui Mullally or Denise Erdmann at the office at

Thank you for choosing Anthropology and accept my heartfelt wishes for a successful academic year!

Hana Cervinkova

Professor and Head of Department


Maynooth University houses the only Department of Anthropology in the Republic of Ireland.
Anthropologists study people and what they do, wherever in the world that may take us. Our staff bring the world into the classroom and teach students to understand local problems in a global, cross-cultural context.

Is in OÉ Má Nuad atá an t-aon Roinn Antraipeolaíochta i bPoblacht na hÉireann.
Déanann antraipeolaithe staidéar ar dhaoine agus ar an méid a dhéanann siad, ar fud na cruinne. Tugann ár mbaill foirne an domhan mór isteach sa seomra ranga agus múineann do na mic léinn conas fadhbanna áitiúla a thuiscint i gcomhthéacs traschultúir agus i gcomhthéacs domhanda.