Conferring Day Traffic Arrangements

Monday, September 2, 2019 - 10:30
All traffic for conferring is being directed to park on the North Campus. This is going to present demands on parking. 
To accommodate these demands the following measures are being put in place: 
• Graduands and their guests are advised to park on the north campus;
• Staff are requested to minimise the use of vehicles on the North Campus - consider car-pooling, if appropriate;
• To accommodate the Graduands and their guests we would request that staff park in the car park by the all-weather pitch;
• Please co-operate with staff directing traffic;
• The national and local radio networks will advise road users that conferring is taking place in Maynooth.
On the South Campus, parking by the Lyreen Building (Old Computer Centre), the Aula Maxima and New House will be restricted. 
Pugin Hall will be closed during this period, with the exception of Monday 9th.