Critical Skills in Action
In a Critical Skills class you’ll work as part of a team on ‘real world’ assignments. The assignemnts last semester involved creating a Podcast and writing a White Paper (a report and recommended course of action on a problem).  This gave students the chance to apply discipline-specific research skills while also building teamwork and communication skills.  Check out some of the Critical Skills White Papers here: White Paper 1   White Paper 2

Reflections Podcast:

Reflections is a 3-part podcast series, which focuses on threats of disinformation to scientific knowledge, academic community and democratic process.

In addition to offering a brief history of fake news, the podcast introduces concepts and phenomena, helping students to identify disinformation and confidently navigate online content for their research and study. The project was supported by the Maynooth University Spark Initiative 2020. 

Instagram Live Q and A 

Critical Skills alumna Kayleigh answers questions from prospective first years live on Instagram in our first Q & A session. See the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here:

Student Wikipedia Edits
Did you know that according to several surveys, 80% of university students use Wikipedia?  We want to help students engage critically with Wikipedia.  Having students edit Wikipedia is a great way to learn about it.  Contributing to Wikipedia will also hone your writing skills and allow you to create something more meaningful and lasting than a typical essay assignment.  Check out the student-authored Wikipedia article on the National Science Museum at Maynooth: