Online registration for the Autumn Supplemental/Resit assessments for semesters 1 and 2 will open on Monday 1st July 2024 and close on Friday 12th July 2024.

You MUST register in order to resit any modules regardless of the assessment method (e.g exams or CA). If you find that modules are not available to you to register online you should email the Exams Office (

You can check the Autumn Supplemental/Resit options available for the 2023-24 Academic Year by searching Courses Internal:

As the current academic year is 2023-24 you should select 2024 from the dropdown menu at the top left and confirm you are looking at the correct year before entering the relevant module code (Please see screenshot below for details).
The resit information would be listed in Autumn Supplementals/Resits section for each module.

Note: There are a very small number of modules where an Autumn resit is not allowed. These are also indicated on Course Internal.

Supplemental/Resit Fees are payable for Autumn 2024 for all assessment types. For further information on these fees including how and when they should be paid please see the Fees and Grants Office website.