Dr Kieran Doyle

Edward M Kennedy Institute, International Development

Assistant Director of the Edward M Kennedy Institute
Lecturer in the department of International Development

Rye Hall
3rd Floor
(01) 708 4558


Dr Kieran Doyle is a Senior Lecturer in the Dept of International Development and Assistant Director of the Edward M Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention in Maynooth University,  Ireland. His interests involve a high level of external engagement with key practitioners and organisations active in the practice of conflict intervention and development, peace building and restorative practice. Since 2013, Dr Doyle is Irish representative on the Academic Board of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) based in the European External Action Service, Brussels, and also represents Ireland on the Academic Think Tank of the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). His primary research and teaching interests lie in conflict intervention, peace building and practice based learning, and between 2015 -2018, lead Maynooth University staff in two H2020 research projects examining the effectiveness of EU conflict intervention capabilities and the use of serious online gaming in preparation for military deployment to post conflict environments. He was also a founding member of the editorial board and previously editor of the open access Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis (JMACA) published online at https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/edward-m-kennedy-institute/journal-mediation-and-applied-conflict-.... In 2021 he reported to the EU Civilian Training Group, CIVCOM on mediation, negotiation and dialogue capacity in Common Security and Defence Policy Missions. He has served and held leadership positions on UN, NATO and EU missions. During the Autumn Semester (2023/24), he was a Fellow in the Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs, Harvard University and was invited to deliver the Herbert C Kelman  International Conflict Analysis and Resolution Lecture to the Program on Negotiation,  Harvard Law School.

Research Interests

EU Common Security and Defence Policy
EU Missions and Operations
Practice based learning
Education of Migrant communities
Application of Activity Theory to Conflict

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
'Getting to Know our Neighbours' - Engaging the loyalist community in a structured dialogue to encourage reconciliation and understanding across the island of Ireland PI 0
Project on EU Common Security and Defence Policy PI Project including research, membership academic faculty, consultation with preparatory bodies of EU Council and European External Action Service and delivery of programmes 01/08/2022 01/09/2023 45000
Project EU Common Security and Defence Policy PI Project delivering research projects, membership of academic committees representation in EU fora, and programme delivery 01/09/2021 01/09/2022 55000
“100 years of Freedom: Ireland Then and Now” Project Lead 26/09/2016 30/09/2016 7700
CCT - Mediation, Negotiation and Dialogue for EU Crisis Interventions Principal Investigator In Feb 2021 I report to to CIVCOMM, a preparatory body of the EU Council on current practice in mediation practice and will recommendations on future preparation of EU mediators 13/01/2020 01/12/2020 49000
Embracing Diversity in Blanchardstown Project LEad The aim of the Embracing Diversity Research project was to facilitate discussions between People of African Descent (PAD) and service providers in the Dublin 15 area. The research partners were Maynooth University and Wezesha Ltd. The research took place in the Blanchardstown area of Dublin 15. 30/11/2017 31/12/2018 70000
Gaming for EU Peacebuilding PI WP2 he GAP project proposes that Serious Games offer a 21st century environment within which Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB) personnel can experience scenarios through role-playing in their own organization and by role-playing people from other organizations, and in doing so, increase their understanding, creativity and ability to communicate and collaborate with the other organizations in the network organization that is a conflict prevention and peace building mission. 01/09/2016 28/02/2019 120000
Community Engagement Network Principal Investigator This collaborative project focused on development of mediation capacity within the Loyalist and Republican communities in Belfast 01/09/2016 15/06/2017 55000
Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention CO -PI The IECEU (Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention) is project aiming to enhance the conflict prevention capabilities. This project has received funding from the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020. The IECEU Consortium (11 participants from 7 different European countries) itself consists of a diverse group of civilian, research and military organizations. The consortium is coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland). IECEU analyses the best practices and lessons learned with a view to enhance the civilian conflict prevention and peace building capabilities of EU with a catalogue of practices, new solutions and approaches. 01/05/2015 31/10/2017 180000
Practice Based Learning in the Midlands PI Examination of Practice Based Learning collaborations 01/09/2009 01/09/2010 70000

Post Doctoral Fellows / Research Team

Researcher Name Project Funding Body
William Matchett IECEU
Roisin Smith GAP
Tedla Desta Tekle IECEU


Year Publication
2022 Doyle, K. (2022) EU Peacebuilding Missions: Developing Security in Post-conflict Nations. London: Palgrave.
2007 Doyle K (Editor) Dwyer, O., Conlan,M., Geoghegan,S., Kenneally,E., Masterson,M., McCarthy,M, Rochford, J. Stewart, D. (2007) A Manual of Practice for Military Instructors. Dublin: Defence Forces Printing Press.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2023 Doyle, K. (2023) 'The New Civilian CSDP Compact Food for Impact' In: The New Civilian CSDP Compact Food for Impact. 100, avenue de Suffren 75015 Paris : European Union Institute for Security Studies. [Link] [DOI]
2017 Doyle, K and Hario, P. (2017) 'IECEU study findings in Afghanistan' In: Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention. Helsinki : Laurea University. [Link]
2017 Cassells, P,, Doyle, K. and Hynes, P. (2017) 'The Role of Trade Unions, Civil Society and Businesses in Building Trust and Working Toward Reconciliation' In: Peace & the Economy: The Role of Business and the Private Sector in Peace Processes. 11 Guilford StreetLondon WC1N 1DH : Democratic Progress Institute. [Link]
2012 Doyle,K., Murphy,J.P.O’Donovan,G. Sheridan, I Kirk,D.,Maguire,T, Bradley, M., Corcoran, N, Buckley,J., El Amoud L., O’Connor,J., and Power,P. (2012) 'Partnerships and Practice' In: Customised Learning Development - An Exploration of Practice. Cork : CIT Press. [Link]

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Doyle,K. and Desta,T (2021) 'Analysis of CSDP Strategic Communications'. Journal of Politics and Law, 14 (No 2):56-73. [Link] [DOI] [Full-Text]
2020 Doyle, K. (2020) 'Mediation Negotiation and Dialogue, and the Integrated Approach'. Defence Forces Review, :pp 258-pp 264.

Other Journal

Year Publication
2017 Doyle, K., Corry, G. and Hynes, P. (2017) '‘Creating Political Oxygen to Break the Cycle of Violence 1981 – 1994: Lessons from the Northern Ireland Peace’' OSCE Yearbook 2016, Hamburg, Nomos, .

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2019 Doyle,K., Nugent,M.and Finegan, R (2019) Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding – Progress and Prospects Seminar Report to Conflict Resolution Unit DFAT
2018 Kammel,A. (Austrian Institute for External Security (AIES)), Hyttinen,K. (Laurea UAS & University of Jyväskylä), Toussaint,M. (Enquirya), Taitto,P. (Laurea UAS), Doyle,K. (Maynooth University, Kennedy Institute) (2018) EUIA18 Brussels Conference Panel: Improving the Effectiveness of the Capabilities in European Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) . In: Laurea University eds. Making the EU’s integrated approach work – enhancing civil-military synergies Brussels, 17/05/2018-
2010 Doyle,K. (2010) 13th Irish Academy of Management Conference . In: Dr Margaret Linehan eds. An Integrated Model of Practice Based Learning Cork Institute of Technology, 01/09/2010- 03/09/2010
2009 Doyle, K. (2009) Symposium on Work-Based UCC . In: Dr Irene Sheridan and Dr Margaret Linehan eds. Challenges Facing Delivery of Work-based Learning to SMEs in the Midlands [Link]
2018 Doyle, K, and Desta, T. (2018) EUIA18 Conference Panel: Improving the Effectiveness of the Capabilities in European Security and Defence Policy) . In: Laurea University eds. Paper 4: An Analysis of Common Security and Defence Policy’s (CSDP) Strategic Communication (StratCom) Brussels, 18/05/2018- [Full-Text]
2017 Doyle,K. (2017) IECEU Project - Capabilities Planning and Technology . In: Laurea University eds. Planning Capabilities Brussels, 17/04/2017- [Link]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2023 Kieran Doyle (2023) Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs Weatherhead Scholars Programme Seminar Harvard University Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs, .
2023 Doyle, K. (2023) Eastern Partnership Culture, Values and Identity in Conflict Vienna, .
2023 Kieran Doyle (2023) Achieving the Implausible: the Power of Hope and Dialogue in the Irish Peace Process Fireside Chat with Harvard students Seamus Heaney Suite, Adams House, Harvard University, .
2023 Doyle,K. (2023) EU peace mediation activities and priorities EU peace mediation activities and priorities Brussels, 29/06/2023-29/06/2023.
2023 Kieran Doyle (2023) Herbert C. Kelman Seminar Herbert C Kelman Seminar in Conflict Analysis Harvard Law School, . [Link]
2023 Doyle, K. and McGearty, S. (2023) – 12th Advanced Course for Political Advisers in CSDP Missions and Operations Conflict analysis in the CSDP context: Analysis of interests and power in conflict contexts Brussels, .
2022 Doyle,K. (2022) Prevention of Conflict and Protection of Minority Rights New Peace Operations as a stabilizing factor for the European Union Rome, .
2022 Doyle,K. (2022) “New Peace Operations as a stabilizing factor for the European Union” The Protection of Cultural Heritage in the context of Minority Rights Centre for Higher Defence Studies, Rome, .
2021 Doyle,K. (2021) EU and NATO training and education lessons identified and best practices during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic Closed seminar on EU and NATO training and education lessons identified and best practices during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic Online at Webex, 16/06/2021-16/06/2021.
2021 Doyle,K. (2021) European Association of Peace Operations Training Centres (EAPTC) Annual Conference MND - Whats new in training and education? Berlin, 19/05/2021-20/05/2021.
2020 Doyle,K. (2020) Promoting Women in Peace Mediation: Opportunities for Ireland Women in peace mediation Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, 11/03/2020-.
2020 Doyle,K. (2020) Crisis Management Simulation Games CSDP Doctoral School Winter University on EU Internal and External Security and Defence Hosted by EU Doctoral School, 17/11/2020-17/11/2020.
2020 Doyle,K. (2020) StratCom in Security and Defence EU Programme on Stratcom Bucharest, 14/09/2020-18/09/2020.
2020 Doyle,K. (2020) Transatlantic Security Jam: Securing the Post-COVID Future Invitation only transatlantic conference of trusted networks in the security and defence field Online, 12/05/2020-14/05/2020.
2019 Doyle,K. (2019) Gaming For Peace KEY TOPICS: training for peacekeeping curriculum development soft skills assessment serious games design soft skills standardisation training for military, police, NGOs peace education TCD, 10/01/2019-11/01/2019.
2019 Doyle,K. (2019) Negotiating as a Leader & Leading as a Negotiator Seminar on International Political Negotiation with Jamil Mahaud, fmr President of Ecuador Maynooth university, 14/04/2019-.
2019 Doyle,K. (2019) ‘Responsibility to Protect: Sovereignty via Intervention’ Seminar on EU peacebuilding efforts in fmr Yugoslavia Maynooth University, 18/12/2019-18/12/2019.
2019 Doyle,K. (2019) 'The EU Strategic Environment and Decision Making' EU Strategic Communications Bucharest, 11/03/2019-15/03/2019.
2019 Doyle,K./Cristal,M. (2019) Round table gathering on the topic of crisis negotiation Round table with senior security and business management in a round table on crisis negotiation Maynooth University, 08/07/2019-08/07/2019.
2019 Doyle,K. (2019) EU Common Security and Defence Policy Doctoral School Doctoral School on EU Internal and External Security and Defence Brussels, .
2019 Doyle,K. and Desta,T. (2019) An analysis of strategic communication as a feature of EU peacebuilding Political Studies Association of Ireland, Annual Conference - Presentation to Panel on ‘Security, Defence and Peacekeeping Glenroyal Hotel, 18/10/2019-20/10/2019.
2019 Doyle,K. (2019) The Special Character of Irelands Security and Defence Policy Reflections on Neutrality Roundtable discuss paper on neutrality with senior civil servants, military and academics Irish Institute of European Affairs, 15/05/2019-15/05/2019.
2019 Doyle, K. (2019) 'The Integration of Irish and European Security, Humanitarian and Development Practice’ Invited Lecture to School of Ecumenics, TCD Trinity College Dublin, 05/03/2019-05/03/2019.
2018 Doyle,K. (2018) A European Responsibility for Peace Worldwide?Should Ireland answer Europe’s call? Presentation on Ireland's role in EU Security and Defence German Embassy, 17/11/2018-.
2018 Doyle,K. (2018) Blood on the Lens Film Series on aspects of Conflict and peacebuilding in Northern Ireland and Kosovo Maynooth University, 17/02/2018-06/05/2020.
2017 Doyle,K. (2017) Struggles for Justice and Peace seminar Invited Lecture in the Irish School of Ecumenics Trinity College Dublin, 21/04/2017-21/04/2017.
2016 Prof Jim Sebienus, Prof Dan Shapiro. Prof Maria Fitzduff, Bertie Ahern (2016) Reflections on Northern Ireland’s Peace Process Discussion on the Northern Ireland peace process and broader negotiation lessons Harvard Law School, 28/09/2016-.
2016 Doyle, K. (2016) Implementation of Good Friday Agreement Seminar on the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement Edward M Kennedy Institute for the US Senate, Boston, 27/09/2016-27/09/2016.
2016 Doyle, K. (2016) ‘Perspectives on EU Common Security and Defence Policy’ Lecture on CSDP practice Trinity College Dublin, 11/04/2016-11/04/2016.
2016 Doyle, K. (2016) ‘The impact of business, including trade unions, economic development and job creation in progressing reconciliation’ Seminar on the role of economic development on peacebuilding Battle of the Boyne Commemoration Site, Oldbridge, Co Meath, 10/09/2016-10/09/2016.
2015 Doyle,K. (2015) EU Common Security and Defence Invited Lecture on EU Security and Defence Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, 20/10/2015-20/10/2015.
2015 Doyle,K. (2015) ‘Information Technology and Mediation: The New Frontier Seminar on Mediation and Technology National University of Ireland, 15/06/2015-15/06/2015.
2015 Doyle,K. (2015) Learning from the NI Peace Process Private Seminar with Middle East Politicians and influencers Maynooth University and National University of Ireland, 01/03/2015-01/03/2015.
2015 Doyle, K. (2015) Dept of Foreign Affairs ‘Civil Society and its vision for Northern Ireland in 25 years’ Dialogue on Irish Peace Process Dublin Castle, 09/09/2015-09/09/2015.
2014 Doyle, K. (2014) International Mediation Conference 3 Day International Conference on Mediation and Restorative Practice Maynooth University, 06/09/2014-08/09/2014.
2014 Doyle,K. (2014) EU and Migration Invited Lecture on EU Security and Defence School of Government, Harvard University, 16/10/2014-16/10/2014.
2013 Doyle, K. (2013) Dispute Resolution within the Asian Pacific Region Mediation in China DDR, 20/03/2013-20/03/2013.
2013 Doyle, K. (2013) Annual General Dermot Earley Memorial Lecture Annual lecture on public leadership since 2013 Maynooth and Defence Forces Location, 04/07/2013-28/11/2019.
2013 Doyle, K. (2013) Reframing the Climate Change Challenge - The Role of Mediation Climate Change and Mediation Maynooth University, 01/02/2013-01/02/2013.
2013 Doyle,K. (2013) Annual Edward M Kennedy Lecture Organised an annual Lecture on Irish American relations New Ross, Wexford, 06/09/2013-06/09/2018.
2010 Doyle, K. (2010) 'Partnerships for Progress -Higher Education Institutes and External Engagements' DIT Seminar on Academic/Industry Partnership Farmleigh House, Dublin, 09/09/2010-09/09/2010.

Published Report

Year Publication
2021 Hilding Norberg, A., Larsson,L., Wikstrom, J., Nerud,R., Schulze, Feilke,M. Doyle,K. Dicks,A. and Von Messling,B. (2021) Leadership & Management Training for CSDP Missions. ZIF Berlin, .
2020 Doyle,K. (2020) Mediation, Negotiation and Dialogue Capacity for EU Crisis Interventions. European External Action Service, .
2019 Dhala, E., Doyle, K.,Mbugua, S., Noone, M., Nugent, M. and Ryan.A (2019) Embracing Diversity How People of African Descent and Service Providers experience diversity in Dublin 15. Maynooth University, . [Link]
2017 Smith, R. McCabe, R., Doyle, K., Byrne,J. Holohan, A. Wade,V. Timms, R.,Haahr,M. (2017) Identifying the Gap: Assessment of Existing Training, Tools and Curricula in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building. TCD, . [Link]
2009 Kieran Doyle (2009) Regional and Sectoral Learning Needs HTL Sector. CIT Printing Press, . [Link]
2017 Doyle, K. and Matchett,W. (2017) Study Report of the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Afghanistan. Laurea University, . [Link]
2016 Doyle, K, Matchett, W. and Galavan, R. (2016) Afghanistan Review. Laurea University, . [Link]
2015 Doyle,K. (2015) Legal Framework for EU CSDP Crisis Management Operations. Laurea Unversity, . [Link]
2011 Kieran Doyle (2011) Challenges and Innovation, Work Based Learning in the Midands HTL. Temple Printing, .


Year Publication
2019 Kenny, T, and Doyle, K (2019) Editorial. Maynooth University: [Editorial] [Link]

Gov. Report or Document

Year Publication
2007 Doyle,K. (2007) Feasibility Study and Report on Geopolitical Situation - Chad and Central African Republic. [Gov. Report or Document]

Non Published Reports

Year Publication
2007 Doyle,K. (2007) Intelligence Summary to EU Military Staff. Paris: [Non Published Reports]

Web Page

Year Publication
2019 Doyle,K. (2019) How to Unlock the Brexit Conundrum. Dublin: [Web Page] [Link]


Year Publication
2023 Doyle, K. (2023) 20 years of EU Civilian Peacebuilding Missions Developing Security in Post Conflict Nations. [Seminar]
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
European Security and Defence College, European External Action Service, Brussels Academic Board member 06/03/2013 -
EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium, Brussels Irish Representative 15/07/2019 - 07/01/2020
Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe Irish Representative o Network of Academic Institutions and Think Tanks 02/09/2013 - 07/01/2020

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/10/1995 United Nations Peacekeepers Medal UN
01/10/2006 NATO Medal for Kosovo NATO
01/09/2014 Fellowship in Rule of Law and Government US State Dept and Boston College
01/04/2008 EU Common Security and Defence Policy Service Medal EU


Committee Function From / To
Maynooth University Crime & Security Research group Member 01/01/2019 -
Executive Academic Board of the European Security and Defence College, European External Action Service, Brussels Designated National Representative by Dept of Defence 05/09/2013 -
Maynooth University John and Pat Hume Doctoral Awards Scheme 2017-18 Faculty Panel Member 17/05/2017 - 17/06/2017
EU CSDP Doctoral School, Brussels Member of Faculty 01/03/2018 -


Start date Institution Qualification Subject
University of Sheffield Masters Education
Centre de Doctrine et d’Enseignement du Commandement, France Diplome d'Etat Major Military Decision making and Command
University College Galway Bachelor of Arts French, Political Science and Sociology
DCU Doctorate Interagency collaboration


Language Reading Writing Speaking
Irish-Gaeilge Fluent Functional Functional
French Fluent Functional Fluent

Other Activities

External Examiner to Mediation Programmes (Cert in Mediation and Diploma in Law) Griffith College


Client Description
Dept of Foreign Affairs Provision of post conflict mediation and dialogue

Editorial / Academic Reviews

Amount Role From / To
The Journal of Mediation & Applied Conflict Analysis Editor 02/06/2014 -

Outreach Activities

Organisation Type Description
Negotiation Strategies Institute Civic Society Since 2015, in collaboration with staff from Harvard University, I host an annual visit of mid ranking leaders and diplomats from the Middle East to explore lessons from the Irish peace process.. This below the radar programme which aims to further negotiation and dialogue capacity in the Middle East. The visits receive funding and support from the Irish DFA. Participants in the group are senior civil servants and Government officials who are mostly directors and heads of divisions such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, military, leading Law Firms, District Attorney Office, Negotiation Departments, leading political parties, security agencies, and Civil Police. There are also international diplomatic fellows who are Deputy Heads of Mission and Heads of Political Departments of Embassies and Consulates of countries like Jordan, U.S., UK, Egypt, Germany,Russia,Sweden and India. Having visited Northern Ireland, they then visit Maynooth where they receive the perspective of Irish Civil Servants and public officials (retired and serving) on the Irish peace process.
Forward Thinking Civic Society Assistance to Community Leaders from Middle East (Israel /Palestine) and North Africa (Tunisia)

Teaching Interests

Peacekeeping Missions
Conflict Intervention
Mediation and Negotiation
EU Common Security and Defence

Human Security

Research Methods

Recent Students

Graduation date Name Degree
2015 Simon Boehme Master of Arts
2016 Dr Aytekin Cantekin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2018 Dr Margaret Ann Nugent Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2017 Dr Robert McCabe Postdoctoral Research Fellow

External Collaborators

Name Role Country
Community Engagement Network Project Lead United Kingdom
Harvard Law School Project Development United States
European External Action Service EU Joint Developer Belgium
University of Massachusetts (Lowell) Programme Development United States
Forward Thinking Project Development United Kingdom
ZIF Center for International Peace Operations Programme Development Germany