Dr Nick Scroxton

Geography, ICARUS

Associate Professor

Laraghbryan House


Dr. Nick Scroxton is a paleoclimatologist working on rainfall variability in past, present, and future climates. He specialises in using stalagmite geochemistry to reconstruct past rainfall variability in southern hemisphere tropical monsoon systems but has broad research interests relating to past climate variability in Ireland, working collaboratively with the Aid and Development sectors to climate proof real world adaptation and mitigation strategies, and working collaboratively with paleoanthropologists on human evolution, megafaunal extinctions and societal transformations.

Dr. Scroxton joined the Department of Geography and the Irish Climate Analysis and Research UnitS (ICARUS) at Maynooth University as an Assistant Professor of Climate Change in 2021. Prior to that he has worked at University College Dublin as an Irish Research Council/Marie Skłodowska Curie Cofund CAROLINE Fellow (2019-2021), a Postdoctoral Research Scholar and the University of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2015-2019), conducted a Ph.D. in Paleoclimatology at The Australian National University (2015), and gained an MESci in Earth Sciences (2009) and a BA in Geology at Oxford University (2008).

Research Interests

  • Reconstructing past rainfall variability and dynamics using stalagmite geochemistry, with a focus on southern hemisphere tropical monsoon systems, and a multi-proxy approach.
  • Past rainfall variability across Ireland, focusing on spatial heterogeneity and high resolution records.
  • Investigating the impact of past changes in climate, volcanism and human land use on past environments, including hominin, primate evolution and extinction, and civilization collapse.
  • Modern climate variability in southern Africa. Investigating emergent trends and future projections in rainfall variability using remote sensing and model outputs, and their impact on smallholder farmers and development strategies of agricultural development NGOs.


2022     2,960 EUR       Research Incentivization Award, Department of Geography, Maynooth University (PI)

‘Investigating past drought variability in Ireland using high resolution trace element concentrations of stalagmites from Crag Cave, Co. Kerry’ (RIA22.03)

2022     6,800 EUR       Geological Survey Ireland Equipment Grant (co-PI)

‘Expansion of ICARUS Palaeo Research Laboratory’ (2021-EC-002).

Total project award of 22,500 EUR to three PIs.

2022     no direct           Geological Survey Ireland Short Call (co-applicant)

A multi-proxy geology approach to resolving critical uncertainties in Irish cosmogenic nuclide geochronology’.

Total project award of 29,859 EUR to Dr. Bromley, University of Galway.

2020     10,306 EUR      Enterprise Ireland Proposal Development Award (PI)

                                    ‘Locating past volcanic eruptions with stalagmites’

2019    173,434 EUR    Irish Research Council and Marie Skłodowska-Curie CoFund CAROLINE Fellowship (PI)

‘Constraining past moisture variability in sub-Saharan Africa to improve future projections and enhance resiliency under a changing climate’

2018     22,000 USD      MISTI Global Seed Fund (PI)

‘Dominican Republic Caves and Climate Collaboration’. Fieldwork and conference seed fund to develop a new field area and international collaborations in the Dominican Republic.

2017     627,103 USD    National Science Foundation P2C2 (I)

‘Madagascar Caves and Paleoclimate (MADCAP), Investigating climate variability in the Southern Hemisphere of the Western Indian Ocean’. PIs: Stephen Burns, David McGee, Laurie Godfrey. Named investigator on the grant, contributing to project design and grant writing.

2014     2,000 AUD       Ocean and Climate Geosciences Cluster, ANU (PI)

‘Wee Jasper Speleothem Project: Carey’s Cave’. Fieldwork and analysis seed fund to set up Carey’s Cave, New South Wales as a field site for cave monitoring and speleothem paleoclimatology.


Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
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2021 Nick Scroxton; Maureen Walczak; Monika Markowska; Jian-xin Zhao; Stewart Fallon; (2021) 'Historical droughts in Southeast Australia recorded in a New South Wales stalagmite'. Holocene, . [DOI] [Full-Text]
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
British Cave Research Association Member 01/01/2021 -
Quaternary Research Association Member 01/01/2020 -
Irish Quaternary Association Member 01/01/2019 -
American Geophysical Union Member 01/01/2013 -


Employer Position From / To
Maynooth University Assistant Professor 27/09/2021 -
University College Dublin Irish Research Council and Marie Skłodowska-Curie CAROLINE Fellow 01/06/2019 - 24/09/2021
University of Massachusetts Amherst Postdoctoral Research Associate 01/09/2015 - 31/05/2019


Start date Institution Qualification Subject
01/09/2010 Australian National University PhD Paleoclimatology
01/09/2008 University of Oxford MEarthSc Earth Sciences
01/09/2005 University of Oxford BA Geology

Teaching Interests

My main teaching interests revolve around teaching Climate Science in a positive, solution orientated manner, skills-focused courses that blend direct and transferable skills with content in practical-forward classes, and deeper dives into paleoenvironments and paleoclimates focusing on how as much as what, all with relevance to modern crises and their solutions.


  • GY162 - Global Environments 2
  • GY202 - Methods in Geography
  • GY308 - Field Methods for Geography and Ecology
  • GY664 - Palaeoclimatology


  • GY162 - Global Environments 2
  • GY201 - Methods in Geography
  • GY202 - Methods in Geography
  • GY308 - Field Methods for Geography and Ecology
  • GY664 - Palaeoclimatology
  • GY652 - Applied Climate Science


  • GY162 - Global Environments 2
  • GY201 - Methods in Geography
  • GY202 - Methods in Geography
  • GY205 - Field Methods for Geography and Ecology
  • GY310B - Geography Research Workshops: Water Stress
  • GY663 - Detection Attribution and Decision Making
  • GY671 - Field Course
  • GY652 - Applied Climate Science

2017 - College of Natural Sciences Teaching Fellow (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

  • GEOG110 - Global Environmental Change
  • NATSCI191 - Not just hot air: Cycles and Trends in Climate