Dr Tara Quinn

Geography, ICARUS

Post Doctoral Researcher

Laraghbryan House


I am an environmental social scientist researcher, mostly working on issues of health, wellbeing, risk perception and senses of place in the context of environmental change. I am currently working with Prof. Conor Murphy on the five year Assessment Report on Climate Change in Ireland (5YAR), collaborating on  the third volume on adaptation and impacts. I also work for Exeter University on a Wellcome Trust funded project on the health and wellbeing impacts of climate change adaptation. A long-standing research interest of mine is considering climate change through the lens of senses of places and I am co-leading an international webinar series with Patrick Devine-Wright and Vanessa Masterson for the year 2021-22 on ‘21st century transitions and senses of place’ (website: https://www.sensesofplacein21stcentury.com/).