Dr Treasa Kenny

Edward M Kennedy Institute, Law

Academic Programme Coordinator & Lecturer

Rye Hall
3rd Floor
(01) 708 6635


Having delivered two undergraduate modules for the School of Law and Criminology, Maynooth University since January 2017, I transferred to that School on 1 January 2021. Prior to this, I was Programme Director and Lecturer in Mediation, Conflict Intervention and Negotiation in the Edward M Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention from December 2016-31 December 2020. I am graduate of University of Sheffield and University College Dublin who worked in organisations and as a self-employed practitioner for 18 years, in mediation, conflict intervention and negotiation roles across a variety of sectors – Higher Education, Health, Voluntary, Financial Services and Separating Couples. I completed a PhD (part-time) mapping the complex landscape of antecedents, processes and outcomes to workplace mediation. As a pracademic, I have a commitment to working collaboratively with both academics and practitioners in the fields of mediation, conflict intervention and negotiation. My overall aim is to include those who participate in mediation, conflict intervention and negotiation in those conversations. I have contributed articles to the Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Intervention (JMACA). I am currently (2020/2021) Editor of JMACA. As one of the founding members of the Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group (KIWMRG) I was part of the research project team that delivered two related research reports in 2016. Our approach to research involves academic researchers and practitioners conducting research together in the interests of the community of practice. I am an Advanced Member of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII). I was Director of Accreditation for the MII for seven years (2006-2013) and took up that role again with effect from December 2019. On behalf of MII, I am also a participant on an Erasmus programme which brings together mediation training providers across Europe. I am a member of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and represented the MII on the Board of the European Mediation Network Initiative (EMNI). I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).

Research Interests

Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR). Workplace conflict resolution.  Workplace Mediation.  Assessment of Mediator Skills. Systemic Leadership.  Restorative Practices.  Mediation Ethics.  Co-operative Inquiry.  Mixed Methods research.

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
Glencree Evaluation PI Evaluation of facilitated dialogues in conflict, post-conflict, or transitional conflict settings is not common. Glencree is keen to capture learning about dialogue itself and to learn about evaluation processes to understand if/how its facilitated dialogue approach contributes to developing the changes involved in building sustainable peace in Ireland. Glencree wishes to explore the development of an appropriate evaluation framework that captures this facilitated dialogue concept across its Programmes. The framework needs to be agile enough to deal with the shared and unique aspects of individual Programmes, and this framework will be integrated into Programme design and monitoring and evaluation. 01/03/2021 01/12/2021 12000
EI Travel Grant PI 29/01/2021 28/07/2021 500
NF/2019/15821756-Engaging the Community in Developing a Public Policy Framework for Mediation in Ireland PI Ireland has a developing culture of mediation use within its public sector, semi-state and private sector. With the first anniversary of the Mediation Act 2017 approaching, and continuing development in the area of mediation more generally, there is an opportunity to host a conference here in Maynooth to bring together members of the World Mediation Forum and international academics researching in this area. This is with the purpose of showcasing Irish research to date (Family Mediation, Child Welfare Mediation, Workplace Mediation, Comparative Study on Employment Mediation with New Zealand, Peer Mediation in Education) and building further capacity for world class research with European international partners 01/05/2020 01/05/2021 11421.97
Comparative Study of State Provision of Workplace Mediation in Ireland and New Zealand Project Team Member Comparing the history, context and current provision of State workplace mediation in Ireland and New Zealand 01/05/2018 31/12/2019 5000
Shaping the Future of Workplace Mediation in Ireland Project Team Member A review of the international literature to establish necessary competences of workplace mediators 09/01/2016 01/03/2017 4000

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2018 Curran, D., Kenny, T., Bouchier, M. and Coakley, A. (2018) 'Workplace Mediation: Using Research to Shape the Agenda in Ireland' In: Mediation across the Globe. UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing. [Link] [Full-Text]

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Kenny, Treasa (2021) 'Kenny, T. (2021) Adapting to mediation online: the Irish experience Vol.7(1)'. Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis, 7 (1). [Full-Text]
2015 Kenny, Treasa (2015) 'Co-creating Positive Working Environments: a meta mediation perspective'. Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis, 2 (2). [Full-Text]
2014 Treasa Kenny (2014) 'Developing the Conversation about Workplace Mediation'. Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis, 1 (1). [Full-Text]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2020 Kenny, T (2020) 'Workplace Conflict and Mediation: The Role of HR' Disability & Society, (98) . [Link]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2020 Dr Treasa Kenny (2020) CIPD Applied Research Conference Welcome to the 21st Century: Informing HR Decision-making about Workplace Mediation Dublin City University, . [Full-Text]
2016 Treasa Kenny (2016) Irish Academy of Management Workplace Mediation: Mapping the Organisational Field University College Dublin, Blackrock, 01/09/2016-01/09/2016.
2016 Kenny, T., Curran, D. and Kellett L. (2016) Irish Academy of Management Re-imaging Research: Building a Community of Practice for Practitioner-Scholar Collaboration in Workplace Mediation University College Dublin, Blackrock, 02/09/2016-02/09/2016.

Policy Contribution

Year Publication
2016 Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group (2016) Shaping the Agenda 2: Implications for Workplace Mediation, Training, Standards and Practice in Ireland. [Policy Contribution]

Research Paper

Year Publication
2016 Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group (2016) Shaping the Agenda 1: Exploring the Competencies, Skills and Behaviours of Effective Workplace Mediators. [Research Paper]

Working Paper

Year Publication
2020 Kenny, T (2020) Framing a Project to Engage the ADR Community in Developing a Public Policy Framework for Mediation in the Republic of Ireland MUSSI Working Paper No 14(MUSSI, Maynooth, Ireland. Maynooth University: [Working Paper] [Link] [Full-Text]
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA) Research 01/01/2016 -
Chartered Institute of Personnel Development Fellow 01/01/1984 -
International Mediation Institute Member 01/07/2011 -
Irish Academy of Management Member 01/01/2013 -
The Mediators' Institute of Ireland Advanced Member 01/09/2002 -

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/09/2016 Best Student Paper Award Irish Academy of Management


Committee Function From / To
KIWMRG Steering Committee Member 01/04/2014 - 31/12/2020
Accreditation Policy Committee of the Mediators' Institute of Ireland Director of Accreditation 15/12/2019 -
Mediation Council: Structures Sub Group Member 01/03/2019 -
Ethics Committee of the Mediators' Institute of Ireland Director 16/11/2020 - 23/12/2022
Executive of Mediators' Institute of Ireland Director 15/12/2019 -
FSS Research Committee Member 04/11/2021 -
Council of the Mediators' Institute of Ireland Director 15/12/2019 -
KIWMRG Research Group Founding Member 01/01/2014 -
Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis Editor 01/01/2013 -
Sharing and Learning for Professional Mediators Member 01/01/2012 -


Employer Position From / To
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children HR Change Manager 01/10/1990 - 30/11/1992
University College Dublin Module Coordinator 01/01/2016 - 01/12/2016
University College Dublin Staff Development and Equality Manager 01/01/1993 - 26/01/1998
Touche Ross & Co Management Consultants HR Manager 01/10/1983 - 30/09/1990
Burtenshaw Kenny & Associates Partner 27/01/1998 - 30/01/2016


Start date Institution Qualification Subject
University of Sheffield Master of Education Education, Training and Development
CDI Certificate of Attendance Restorative Practices
Maynooth University Module (10 credits) Digital Teaching and Learning
University College Dublin PhD Workplace Mediation
University College Dublin MA Mediation and Conflict Intervention

Other Activities

This role is a professional role. During the time of my membership, I have participated in the development of mediation and the Mediators' Institute of Ireland. I have held a number of voluntary roles with the Mediators' Institute of Ireland. I currently sit on the Executive of the MII, attend Council meetings and chair the Accreditation Policy Committee which proposes policy in relation to the professional qualification and accreditation standards for membership of the MII. I also represent the MII as part of an Eramus project for curriculum development for intercultural mediation in Europe.


Client Description
Public Appointments Committee Development of Role Profile and sitting on Appointments Panel for the Restoration of Trust Meetings' Moderators under the Cervical Tribunal Act 2019

Outreach Activities

Organisation Type Description
ADR Agencies in Ireland Civic Society Through an IRC funded project, the ADR Agencies in Ireland are engaged with in relation to sharing information and considering the public policy framework for mediation provision in Ireland.
Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Civic Society Working with Glencree and its various dialogue programmes to develop a framework for evaluation of facilitated dialogue.

Teaching Interests

Negotiation. Alternative Dispute Resolution, specifically mediation.  Workplace Conflict Management Systems.   Co-creating Systemic Leadership in Organisations. Coordination and teaching of LW170 Negotiation. Coordination and teaching of LW345 Dispute Resolution. Teaching and coaching on mediation (LW679) and restorative practices (LW683) micro credentials.

Reciprocal teaching with NUI Galway (HRM MSc) - conflict intervention in the workplace.
Reciprocal teaching with University College Dublin (HRM MSc) - relationship mediation in practice.
Teaching with University College Dublin (Health and Safety) - motivation, communication, training and development