Where: Virtual Event - www.ivi.ie/edrs
When: June 18th 2021

Bringing together researchers, practitioners, and leaders of industry to explore current trends, innovations and the new frontiers of Digital Retail. 

Post-Covid Recovery

In the past year, retailers have faced extreme challenges in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has driven a huge increase in the demand for digital innovations and solutions in the retail space. As we face into into a Post-Covid retail landscape, digital retail will be at the forefront of all recovery, resilience and growth efforts. The collaboration between the retail industry and digital transformation researchers is more essential now than ever before. 

Dynamic Presentations & Virtual Networking

During this event we aim to bring together the expertise of both practitioners and researchers to present our audience not only with content on the latest digital innovations in the field, but also to stimulate future partnerships between the retail industry and digital transformation academics. Furthermore, our event website includes the Marketplace function which will allow all registered attendees to network virtually, not only on the day of the event, but for the following month also. 

Open Global Research

As the PERFORM EU Network is supported by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme, we have experienced the numerous benefits of collaboration within an open innovation community. Therefore, a core aim of this summit is to highlight and promote best practices and advance in the international Digital Retail community. 

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