Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Fuzhou University: A Vibrant Fusion of Cultures

MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024
Thursday, March 21, 2024 - 11:45

On March 17th, 2024, the campus of Fuzhou University was awash with the lively spirit of St. Patrick's Day, thanks to the Maynooth University International Engineering College (MIEC) students and staff. The BóXué Hall in the Library witnessed a remarkable blend of Chinese and Irish cultures, as students and faculty came together to celebrate this world-famous festival day.

MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024
The evening commenced with refreshments, followed by a warm welcome from Dr Joseph Timoney, setting the stage for an enchanting journey through both traditional and contemporary expressions of Irish culture. The programme promised a wide array of activities.
Kicking off the event were captivating tales of Chinese traditional culture and the legendary story of St. Patrick and the snakes, beautifully narrated by student Jiayi Qiu. This was followed by a musical performance by Dr Joseph Timoney, demonstrating the harmonious fusion of talent and culture.
MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024 - Dr. Joseph Timoney
As the evening unfolded, attendees were treated to poetry readings by professor Ronan Reilly and presentations on the origin and significance of St. Patrick's Day.
MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024 Prof. Ronan Reilly.
The atmosphere buzzed with excitement during the student-led presentations, exploring the intriguing parallels between Chinese and Irish cultures. One of the highlights of the evening was the fusion song "Drunken Sailor," performed by a talented ensemble of students in addition to the poetic fusion presented by Jenny罗宇昕, Annie陈雯静, and Yana钟洋洋, who bridged the gap between languages and cultures.
MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024 Student Performance
MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024 Student Performance #2
MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024 Student's Dancing
The event also included an overview of Ireland's historical and geographical sites through a captivating video presentation by MIEC English Language Coordinator, Karl Young.
MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024 Karl Young
As the evening ended, MIEC students came together for a heartwarming rendition of the contemporary Irish ballad, "My Love".
MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024 Students Performing Irish Ballad
In the capable hands of bilingual student hosts, the evening concluded on a high note, leaving attendees with cherished memories of a truly remarkable celebration.
MIEC St.Patrick's Day Event 2024 Master of Ceremonies
The St. Patrick's Day event at Fuzhou University was not just a commemoration of Irish heritage but a testament to the power of cultural exchange and mutual understanding on a global scale.