Xi Fan, PhD student 

Xi Fan - MIEC
I am a third year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science, Maynooth University. My PhD deals with the study of reading within a cognitive science framework. Maynooth University is a well-regarded institution internationally and their structured doctoral programme offers many opportunities for employability outside the narrow scope of my research topic. From my time here, I can see it provides excellent infrastructure and a stimulating environment for undergraduate students as well as researchers, which encourages interdisciplinarity and facilitates international experience through lab visits and conference attendance. As a non-native English speaker I am particularly impressed with the supports provided. I really enjoy my time studying here at Maynooth.



LiGuo Wang, postdoctoral researcher 


LiGuo Wang - MIEC
I’m a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Electronic Engineering, Maynooth University. My undergraduate and master level studies were completed in China and this allowed me to benefit from strong theoretical training. Currently a member of the Centre for Ocean Energy Research at Maynooth University, I’m working on the development of the next generation of wave energy devices. This project enables me to work with top European experts in the field of marine and renewable energy and provides access to cutting edge facilities. The advanced engineering knowledge I have gained through research and development at Maynooth opens many doors for my next career steps in academia and industry.