Outstanding Success for Students in Cross-Strait Information Service Innovation Competition

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 - 15:00

In a triumphant showcase of innovation and talent, students from the Maynooth International Engineering College recently secured three 1st prizes at the 13th Cross-Strait Information Service Innovation Competition and the 17th Fujian Provincial Computer Software Design Competition. These competitions featured multiple tracks, with the MIEC students excelling in the” Internet of Things” and the “Metaverse & Animation Game” categories. 

Results were as follows:  

Internet of Things Track

1. Internet of Things Defense - A groundbreaking industrial safety inspection system leveraging intelligent Internet of Things technology. The team comprised of Sun Zhongheng, Sun Xun, Huang Jiacheng, Fan Wenzhuo, Zhou Yue, and Wei Lingfei. 

2. Sleep-Lab - An innovative project by Chen Jiawen, Bu Yanan, and Zheng Yuxuan that explored the Internet of Things applications in sleep monitoring. 

Metaverse and Animation Game Track

3. Water to Water – The winning team, consisting of Yuan Xiaxin, Bao Zishuo, Shi Yisong, and Li Yilin, developed an engaging Water Conservation Awareness Game. 

The successes attained underscore the relentless commitment of MIEC students and their respective teams, who dedicated countless hours to their projects. The achievements not only represent individual success but also mark a significant milestone in the realm of innovative design. 

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to all the award-winning students. Their achievements stand as a source of inspiration, establishing a standard for others to fearlessly innovate and diligently pursue their goals.