MA Literatures of Engagement Symposium

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 - 10:45 to 14:30
Iontas Building, Seminar Room 1.33 (first floor)

Our MA scholars will be presenting an eclectic body of works, exhibiting their intellectual and creative abilities across a vast number of topics and themes through the vehicle of engaging literatures.Amongst its catalogue of subjects, discussions on climate debunking the Anthropocene and the awakening of a broader of ecological consciousness, investigating how climate related factors interact with refugee literature while other heterotopic spaces render the refugee as sub-human.

How W.B. Yeats’s encounter with the poetry of Ireland’s dispossessed poets not only influenced his original work but also caused him to evaluate his own sense of cultural identity will be explored. Meanwhile, other Irish authors such as James Joyce will be compared with Christopher Isherwood, debating sexuality and monstrosities. Research into the importance of the often-neglected child’s voice, how is a child’s experience and voice authenticated in the novel.

Academics will explore human experiences, including, erasure of boundaries between inner and outer spaces of the self and society, the perception and performance of colour, and the traumas of racial passing. And to stir up debates a paper on good, evil, and truth.

Intrigued? Then please register to join us on Wednesday the 29th of June at 10:45am for a meet and greet with tea and coffee. The symposium will begin at 11am sharp. We will break for a short lunch at 12:30pm and conclude at 2:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

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