Charlene McGoohan

I decided to do the Masters in Digital Humanities (MADH) to tie together my previous two qualifications; BA in Anthropology and Mathematics and HDip in Information Technology. As my previous two qualifications were so disconnected from each other, I felt that through this Masters program I could amalgamate the skills I gained from both, to work together. By completing the MADH, I learned many new skills and theories specific to Digital Humanities practice, but I also learned how to use the skills I already possessed in a new context.
I entered the MADH after returning from abroad and it was quite overwhelming re-entering education at a Masters level. It was a challenging year but I feel the course supplied me with confidence in the skills I acquired. It was also very exciting to be part of an institute that not only teaches students about this evolving discipline but are also practitioners in the field.
The part of the MADH, which I particularly enjoyed, was doing my dissertation and the accompanying project. It was through my project that I really got to explore the aspects of Digital Humanities that I find most interesting, which in my case, is the creation of tools that can help others accomplish their needs in the humanities. For this project, I created an Android application that generates metadata for cultural heritage objects, for use in privately owned museums.
The knowledge I gained in the MADH has directly effected my employment since graduating. My MADH project was extended into a DRI (Digital Repository of Ireland) internship, which I undertook while tutoring the new MADH class. I am currently the Technology Officer in An Foras Feasa.