“Mathematics opens many doors but closes none”

Enjoyment! A degree in Mathematics and/or Statistics can be very enjoyable. The reasons why people opt to study Mathematics and Statistics vary widely but include the desire to study something interesting, stimulating and challenging. You may also want to develop your problem solving and logical reasoning skills. It can provide you with the opportunity to understand real world problems and help to make the world a better place through mathematical and statistical modelling and reasoning.

Jobs! A degree in Mathematics and/or Statistics will open many career doors for you after graduation. The potential job prospects range from software developer, meteorologist, pharmaceutical statistician, environmental data modeller, teacher, financial analyst to website reliability consultant. Find out more:
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Career satisfaction! Not only is there a wide range of job types and prospects for Maths and Stats graduates, but this Wall Street Journal article reports that ‘Mathematician’ and ‘Statistician’ are both rated in the top three jobs in the world!

Skills! Included in the skills you will learn studying Maths and Stats are independent thinking, problem-solving, data modelling and analysis, logical thinking, computer literacy and organisational ability. These are qualities that are highly sought after by many organisations looking to hire. The diverse range of organisations that hire Maths and Stats graduates range from universities and schools, to banks and trading firms, to IT and social media giants such as Intel, Google and Facebook.