Dr Camilla Fitzsimons

Adult and Community Education

Head of Department
Associate Professor

Maynooth University School of Education
(01) 708 3951


Hello, my name is Camilla. I'm an Associate Professor and the current Head of Department in the Department of Adult and Community Education. I've been working in Adult Education since the 1990s. I have a particular interest in education within social movements and community spaces. I used to be a nurse but left the wards behind in the 1990s to set up a women's community education group in North Dublin. I stayed in community education for around 15 years (aside from taking some time out to care for my children when they were young). My PhD, and first book, Community Education and Neoliberalism (2017), the largest national study of community education in Ireland, focused on the co-option of much consciousness-raising education by neoliberal forces. In part because of this co-option much critical community education now happens in non-funded spaces including housing actions, reproductive rights activism and in trade union spaces. I continue to work with feminist-led civil society spaces that seek to advance equal rights for people of all genders. In these spaces, I have a particular interest in the role of critical feminist pedagogy. I have led out a number of education initiatives and have a strong record in collaborative, engaged, action research projects across feminist-groups, community education, and other spaces where equality and social justice agendas need to be advanced. With the support of hundreds of activists, I did significant research on the Irish Repeal Movement which has been published in the book Repealed: Ireland's Unfinished Fight for Reproductive Rights (2021). In 2022, Repealed was awarded the James S Donnelly Sr book award for contribution to History and Social Science by the American Conference for Irish Studies. In recent years, I have collaborated on anti-racism work within adult and community education (mostly focusing on my own whiteness). I have also looked inwards at the precarious nature of much work within Adult, Further and Community Education. I work across our certificate, higher diploma, masters and doctoral programmes. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance in any way. You can also find out more about my work at my website www.camillafitzsimons.com    

Research Interests

Consciousness-raising Education.  
Feminism, Gender Equality and Women's Rights.  
Critical Pedagogy. 
Groupwork and Facilitation. 
The impact of Neoliberalism on our world. 
Another world is possible - Education can play a part in making that a reality. 

I am currently working on an extensive research project that seeks to rethink feminism in a way that argues for a radical, inclusive, anti-neoliberal approach to activism. 


Year Publication
2021 Camilla Fitzsimons (2021) Repealed: Ireland's Unfinished Fight for Reproductive Rights. London: Pluto Press.
2017 Fitzsimons C. (2017) Community education and neoliberalism: Philosophies, practices and policies in Ireland. Switzerland: Palgrave/MacMillan. [Link] [DOI]
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons (2024) Rethinking Feminism in Ireland. London: Bloomsbury Press.

Edited Book

Year Publication
2024 (2024) Critical Perspectives on Further Education and Training. London: Anthem Press,

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons (2024) 'Critical Education and the Irish Repeal Movement' In: Lived Experience, Lifelong Learning, Community Activism and Social Change. London : Routledge.
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons and Jerry O'Neill (2024) 'Critical perspectives and FET in Ireland' In: Critical Perspectives on Further Education and Training. London : Anthem Press.
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons (2024) 'Philosophical Foundations: Applying bell hooks’; Engaged Pedagogy to FET Context;' In: Critical Perspectives on Further Education and Training. London : Anthem Press.
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons and Jerry O'Neill (2024) 'A Precarious Profession' In: Critical Perspectives on Further Education and Training. London : Anthem Press.
2020 Akinborewa, V., Fitzsimons, C. and Obasi, P (2020) 'Nothing about us without us Nigerian and Irish women working together' In: I am a man of peace, writings inspired by the Maynooth University Ken Saro-Wiwa Collective. Canada : Daraja Press.
2018 FINN, Josephine; FITZSIMONS, Camilla; GRUMMELL, Bernie and NOONE, Maggie (2018) 'Difference and Inclusion in Higher Education: Integrating cultural diversity in lifelong learning' In: Die Lifelong Learning Universität der Zukunft. Institutionelle Standpunkte aus der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung. Munster/ New York : Waxmann.
2014 Camilla Fitzsimons (2014) 'Worlds Apart? The disunity of FET policy directives and Community-based Education for social change' In: Further Education and Training, history politics and practice. Kildare, Ireland : MACE publications.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2023 Camilla Fitzsimons (2023) 'Towards an Inclusive, Critical Feminist Pedagogy'. Concept: the journal of contemporary community education practice theory, 14 (1):1-10. [Link] [DOI] [Full-Text]
2023 Fitzsimons, C.; Nwanze, L. (2023) 'Can Critical Education Help Address Racial Discrimination in Irish Maternity Settings?'. Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, 20 . [Link] [Full-Text]
2022 Fitzsimons, Camilla (2022) 'Critical Education in the Irish Repeal Movement'. Studies in the Education of Adults, Special Edition 2022 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2022 Fitzsimons C.; Henry S.; O’Neill J. (2022) 'Precarity and the pandemic: an inquiry into the impact of Covid19 on the working lives of non-permanent educators in post-compulsory education in Ireland'. Research in Post-Compulsory Education, 27 (4):622-642. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2022 Fitzsimons, Camilla and Nwanze, Lilian (2022) 'Towards, critical, engaged, antiracist learning environments'. The Adult Learner, . [Link]
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2012 Camilla Fitzsimons (2012) 'Social Change and Community Education – Where are we now?’'. The Irish Review of Community Economic Development Law and Policy, Volume 1 (4) . [Full-Text]
2010 Camilla Fitzsimons (2010) 'Professionalism in Community Work and its implications for Radical Community Education’'. The Adult Learner, :53-71. [Full-Text]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons (2024) 'The two Souls of Feminism' Rebel News, . [Link]
2022 Camilla Fitzsimons (2022) 'Roe V. Wade, How did we get here? What should we do?' Irish Marxism Review, 11 (34) . [Link]
2021 Fitzsimons, Camilla (2021) 'Abortion Access and Reproductive Rights' Irish Marxist Review, (30) :21-27.
2018 HE4u2 consortium (in alphabetical order): José Pedro AMORIM, Amandine BERNAL, Sofia CASTANHEIRA PAIS, Françoise DE VIRON, Josephine FINN, Camilla FITZSIMONS, Bernie GRUMMELL, Timo HALTTUNEN, Beate HÖRR, Amelia LOPES, Kia LUNDQVIST, Isabel MENEZES, Tiago NEVES, Agnes RASCHAUER, Katharina RESCH, Carme ROYO, Alfredo SOEIRO, Iris THIMM, Francesca URAS, Leena VANHAKYLA, Georgios ZARIFIS (2018) 'Tools to promote Cultural Diversity in Higher Education – The HE4u2 project' eucen Studies: eJournal of University Lifelong Learning, 2 (1) . [Link] [Full-Text]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons (2024) University Lifelong Learning Leading Positive Change in Challenging Times . In: EUCEN eds. Reframing feminism – the role of community education University College Cork,
2021 Fitzsimons, Camilla and Lilian Nwanze (2021) Diversity . In: Eva Baloch-Kaloianov eds. Let's talk about structural exclusion and racism in Adult Education [Link]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons (2024) Continuities, Ruptures, Resurgences: Still in Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens The Irish Experience of Winning Abortion Rights Southern Connecticut State University Conference, .
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons (2024) Thinking globally and acting locally for lifelong learning Conference Rethinking feminism – Perspectives from Ireland SOAS University of London, .
2023 Camilla Fitzsimons (2023) Reproductive Justice in a (Post-)COVID World: Transnational Protest and Resistance: Can education help? Feminist Pedagogy, Praxis and Reproductive Rights’ Reproductive Justice Research Network Conference: Cambridge University. England, .
2022 Camilla Fitzsimons and Lilian Nwanze (2022) Erasmus+ Space for Connection and Sharing Stories for Adult Educators Erasmus+ Space for Connection and Sharing Stories for Adult Educators Leargas, Dublin, .
2021 Fitzsimons, Camilla (2021) Engaged Research - The Irish Repeal Movement Annual conference of the Sociology Association of Ireland Trinity College, .
2021 Camilla Fitzsimons (2021) Representation Matters EPALE annual seminar Online, 01/07/2021-.
2021 camilla fitzsimons (2021) Centenary of Paulo Freire Event to celebrate the impact of Paulo Freire on my practice as an adult educator Instituto Paulo Freire, Portugal, 01/11/2021-.
2021 Fitzsimons, Camilla and Shaw, Mae (2021) Reasserting the Politics of Community Education Webinar Series EPALE Community Education Webinar Series, 01/04/2021-01/09/2021.
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2018 Camilla Fitzsimons (2018) Adult Education and White Privilege - Untangling Dilemma of Power and Privilege ESREA network on Interrogating Transformative Processes in Learning and Education Conference on “Contemporary Dilemmas and Learning for Transformation” Milan, Italy, University of Milano-Bicocca, .
2016 Camilla Fitzsimons and Jerry O'Neill (2016) Values Challenges and Hope for Adult Educators This workshop supported adult educators to explore the values and principles important to their work and to contextalise these within the challenges of neoliberal policy ESREA 8th Triennial European Research Conference, Imagining Diverse Futures for Adult Education, .
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2018 Burke, Laura; Fitzsimons, Camilla; Finn, Josephine; Grummell, Bernie and Michael Gannon (2018) Unlocking Freedom Through Adult Education - Final Conference Unlocking Freedom Through Adult Education Conference exploring the findings of an Erasmus + project about the role of adult educatiion in The role of adult education in supporting the de-institutionalisation of people with disabilities in the community Dublin, .
2016 Grummell, Bernie, Fitzsimons, Camilla and Josephine Finn (2016) HE4u2 - Cultural Integration in Higher Education - an Irish perspective 48th EUCEN Conference Crossing borders through lifelong learning: enhancing quality and equity in higher education Dublin, .

Published Report

Year Publication
2022 Camilla Fitzsimons (2022) Irish healthcare workers experiences of anti-abortion protesters and the case for safe access zones. Maynooth University (eprints), . [Link]
2021 Fitzsimons, C., Henry, S. & O'Neill, J. (2021) Precarity and the Pandemican inquiry into the impact of Covid19 on the working lives of non-permanent educators in, and across, higher and further education in Ireland:. eprints Maynooth University, . [Link] [Full-Text]
2021 Fitzsimons, C., Hassan, B., Nwanze, L., Obasi, P. (2021) Researching the Needs of Muslim Women in Irish Maternity Settings: A mother is born too. Amal Women's Association, . [Link]
2018 O'Neill, J. and Fitzsimons, C. (2018) Precarious professionality: A review of the experiences and employment status of graduates of the Higher Diploma in Further Education at Maynooth University’s Department of Adult and Community Education (2013-2017). Executive Briefing. Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland, . [Full-Text]
2017 Magrath, C and Fitzsimons, C (2017) Review of Maynooth University's Return to Learning Certificate 1992-2016. Maynooth University, . [Link]
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2008 Camilla Fitzsimons (2008) Assessing the need for a Network of Educators in Ballymun and Surrounding Areas. Ballymun Partnership, .

Audiovisual material

Year Publication
2022 Camilla Fitzsimons and Eamonn McCann (2022) War and an Irish Town with Eamonn McCann and Camilla Fitzsimons. YouTube: [Audiovisual material] [Link]


Year Publication
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons (2024) Voting female isn't voting feminism. [Blog] [Link]
2023 Camilla Fitzsimons (2023) Stop the Genocide in Gaza - Blog#5. [Blog] [Link] https://www.camillafitzsimons.com/post/stop-the-genocide-in-gaza
2022 Camilla Fitzsimons (2022) 'Nun' of your business #MakeNHMOurs'. Online: [Blog] [Link]
2022 Camilla Fitzsimons (2022) Stick or Twist? The Love Island Dilemma. Online: [Blog] [Link]
2022 Camilla Fitzsimons (2022) Five reasons why I am not staying quiet about trans rights. online: [Blog] [Link]
2021 camilla fitzsimons (2021) The Fight for Repeal, An Activist's Story. [Blog] [Link]
2021 Camilla Fitzsimons (2021) Community Education: So Much More than a Course. Online: [Blog] [Link]
2021 Camilla Fitzsimons (2021) Book Launch: Dr Camilla Fitzsimons – Repealed: Ireland’s Unfinished Fight for Reproductive Rights. [Blog] [Link]

Book Review

Year Publication
2020 Fitzsimons, C (2020) Book review Community Work and Adult Education in Staveley. [Book Review]
2019 Camilla Fitzsimons (2019) Mapping out the research field of adult education and learning. UK: [Book Review] [Link] [DOI] [Full-Text]


Year Publication
2023 Camilla Fitzsimons; Sean Henry; Jerry O'Neill; Clare Tebbutt (2023) Editorial Introduction - Gender and Adult Education. [Editorial] https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02660830.2023.2277965
2019 Caramelo J.; Fitzsimons C.; Menezes I. (2019) Participation in non-formal education and community education implications for civic and political capital. [Editorial] [DOI]

Policy Contribution

Year Publication
2022 O'Neill, J, Fitzsimons, C., Ryan, M., McCormack, D., Burns, G., Barter, D. (2022) Submission to the DFHERIS on the Policy Platform document: Progressing a unified tertiary system for learning, skills, and knowledge - Scope for change on behalf of the Department of Adult and Community Education, Maynooth University. [Policy Contribution]
2021 Barter, G, Burns, G., Finnegan, F., Fitzsimons, C., Grummell, B., Kenny, M., Nugent, M., O’Neill, J. (2021) Equity of Access to Higher Education Submission to the National Access Plan 2022-2026 on behalf of Dept of Adult & Community Education. [Policy Contribution]


Year Publication
2023 Camilla Fitzsimons (2023) International Journalists Network IJNet podcast: Reporting on Reproductive Rights Part 3: Covering Reproductive Rights in Ireland. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Camilla Fitzsimons (2023) Open University - Sex Research and Resistance. [Podcast] [Link]
2022 Camilla Fitzsimons; Sinead Kennedy (2022) New Books Network - Repealed, Ireland's Unfinished Fight for Reproductive Rights. [Podcast] [Link]
2021 Camilla Fitzsimons, Sinead Kennedy and Ruth Coppinger (2021) Radicals in Conversation: Repealed, Ireland's Unfinished Fight for Reproductive Rights. [Podcast]
2021 Camilla Fitzsimons and Sinead Kennedy (2021) The Tortoise Shack - Repealed. [Podcast] [Link]
2020 Camilla Fitzsimons (2020) Education Outside the System (Part 1) : Dr. Camilla Fitzsimons on Community Education. [Podcast] [Link]


Year Publication
2018 Burke, L., Finn, J., Fitzsimons, C., Gannon, M., Grummell, B., O’Neill, J., Smith, M. (2018) Facilitating Inclusive Learning: A Continuous Professional Development Programme (CPD) for staff working with adults with diverse learning abilities in adult, further and community education. Maynooth University: [Report]

Curriculum design / Support materials

Year Publication
2022 Camilla Fitzsimons (2022) Reproduction and Rights a curriculum for Activists. [Curriculum design / Support materials]
2017 Fitzsimons, C, Grummell, B. and Finn, J. (2017) Creating Intercultural Environments: Guidelines for Staff within Higher Education Institutions. [Curriculum design / Support materials] [Link]
2015 Crowley, S., Fitzsimons, C. and O'Brien, T. (2015) The Irish Debt Crisis, what happened? Workshop template for Community Education Settings. [Curriculum design / Support materials] [Link]
2015 Fitzsimons, C and Connolly, B. (2015) Women's Reproduction and Rights. [Curriculum design / Support materials] [Link]


Year Publication
2024 Camilla Fitzsimons (2024) Quality and Qualifications Ireland, Review of Level 5 Healthcare Awards. [Webinar]
2023 Camilla Fitzsimons and Professor Ester Cois (2023) Women in Leadership in Higher Education. Maynooth University: [Webinar]
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) Trade Union Committee Member -

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/01/2015 PhD Adult and Community Education Maynooth University
01/09/2022 MPhil Gender and Women's Studies Trinity College Dublin
01/11/2021 Irish Research Council Ally Prize The Irish Research Council


Committee Function From / To
Faculty of Social Science Research Ethics Committee Reviewer -
Maynooth University Sanctuary Committee member -


Employer Position From / To
Maynooth University Lecturer -
Various Nursing Positions General Nurse (RGN) 10/10/1991 - 10/10/1998
Respond Housing Association Community Education Lead 01/03/2008 - 01/08/2015
The Community and Family Training Agency Co-Ordinator (CEO) 01/08/2001 - 01/12/2005
The Star Project Co-Ordinator (CEO) 01/03/1998 - 01/01/2001


Client Description
Longford-Westmeath Education and Training Board Continuous professional development workshop for Community Education tutors working across Longford and Westmeath

Editorial / Academic Reviews

Amount Role From / To
Studies in the Education of Adults Member of the Editorial Board -
European Journal of Social Sciences Guest Editor -

Outreach Activities

Organisation Type Description
The Abortion Rights Campaign Civic Society The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) is the largest pro-choice campaign group in Ireland with a strong international reputation. I am a member of the Policy and Advocacy sub-committee. I also take a lead role in education initiatives within ARC [Link]
Partners Training for Transformation Civic Society Partners Training for Transformation is a civil society organisation interested in Freirean, critical pedagogy. I am a member of their Board of Directors. Partners is a community education. Our approach to education is participatory, experiential and hands-on. [Link]
Dublin 7/Dublin 15 Action Against Gender-Based Violence Civic Society Dublin 7/Dublin 15 is a local activist group was established in 2019 with the express intention of putting gender-based violence on the political agenda. We have organised a range of local initiatives, information evenings and campaigns [Link]

Teaching Interests

 I teach across a range of programmes from certificate to doctoral level. 
My teaching interests include community education, gender and feminism, critical pedagogy, group work, philosophies and practice of adult education.  

Current Students

Student Name Degree Supervision

Recent Students

Graduation date Name Degree
2020 Dr Gina Noonan
2020 Chanel Watson

External Collaborators

Name Role Country
Journal of Social Science Education Guest Editor on special edition Portugal
Quality and Qualifications Ireland Expert advisor Ireland
Three Pillars collective sharing expertise, influencing policy direction. Ireland
Partners, Training for Transformation civil society partnership Ireland