Dr Jerry O'Neill

Adult and Community Education


Maynooth University School of Education
(01) 708 3683


I returned to education as a mature student in the mid-1990s and, although I subsequently qualified as a secondary school teacher, I have worked with adults in further, community and higher education ever since.  I have a particular interest in educator development across the career span that is collaborative, creative and critically reflective with a focus on personal and socially transformative ends.  I am also very interested in working to diversify access routes into, through and beyond universities.   Along with a range of other duties and interests across the department, I am currently co-coordinator of the Higher Diploma in Further Education– a Teaching Council-accredited post-graduate teacher educator programme for the field of adult, community and further education. 

Edited Book

Year Publication
2024 Fitzsimons, C. & O'Neill, J (Ed.). (2024) Critical Perspectives on Further Education and Training. London: Anthem Press,

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2024 O'Neill, J. (2024) 'Walking new horizons for critically reflexive pedagogy and research' In: Biographical Research and New Social Architecture: Methodological Advances and Reflections during and after COVID-19. Bristol : Policy Press.
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2022 Burns, G., Colum, M., O'Neill, J. (2022) 'No One Sees a Traveller at the Top of the Class' In: Diversifying the Teaching Profession: Dimensions, Dilemmas, and Directions for the Future. London : Routledge.
2020 O'Neill, J. & Finnegan, F. (2020) 'Spalpeens on the Isle of Wonders: Reflections on work, power and collective resistance in Irish Further Education' In: Caliban’s Dance: FE after the Tempest. London : UCL/IOE Press and Trentham Books.
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2014 O'Neill, J. (2014) 'In search of a clearing: practitioner reflections on FET' In: Further Education and Training: History, Politics and Practice. Maynooth University : MACE.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2023 Fitzsimons, C.; Henry, S; O'Neill, J; Tebbutt, C (2023) 'Editorial Introduction'. Studies in the Education of Adults, 55 (2):317-320. https://doi.org/10.1080/02660830.2023.2277965
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2017 O'Neill, J. & Cullinane, S. (2017) 'Holding the line: towards a critical professional development for community education tutors'. The Adult Learner, :113-129. [Link] [Full-Text]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2024 Burns, G.,; Demir Bloom, D.; O'Neill, J.; Markey, D. (2024) ESAI Conference 2024 Stories of teacher becoming and transformation from a longitudinal widening participation project Maynooth University, .
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Published Report

Year Publication
2021 Fitzsimons, C., Henry, S. & O'Neill, J. (2021) Precarity and the Pandemican inquiry into the impact of Covid19 on the working lives of non-permanent educators in, and across, higher and further education in Ireland:. eprints Maynooth University, . [Link] [Full-Text]
2017 Fitzsimons, C. & O'Neill, J. (2017) The Foundation Certificates: a summary review of Maynooth University’s Foundation Certificate Programme from 2002-2014. Maynooth Access Programme, .

Audiovisual material

Year Publication
2017 O'Neill, J. (2017) 'Midwifery of the new' [a Boalian-inspired animated found poem]. [Audiovisual material] [Link]


Year Publication
2009 O'Neill, J. et al. (2009) Educational Development Discussion Group (EDDG) Blog. [Blog] [Link]

Book Review

Year Publication
2016 O'Neill, J. (2016) Review of Merriam, Sharan B. and Bierema, Laura L. (2013) Adult learning: linking theory and practice. The Adult Learner: [Book Review]


Year Publication
2015 O'Neill, J. (2015) Ar Lorg Na Slí: a creative and critical doctoral inquiry into VEC/ETB adult educators’ experience and growth. [Thesis] [Link] [Full-Text]


Year Publication
2020 O'Neill, J. (2020) Walking It: A series of occasional walking dialogues which explore, on foot and in situ, the significance of place and walking on people’s ways of knowing and being in the world. [Podcast] [Link]
2017 O'Neill, J. et al. (2017) ‘Enhancing transitions to graduate work’ [Six-episode podcast series]. [Podcast] [Link]


Year Publication
2020 O'Neill, Jerry; Burns, Gareth (2020) Becoming and Transforming: towards enhancing diversity in teacher education and development [Turn to Teaching phase two proposal]. Maynooth: [Report]
2020 Culliane, Susan; O'Neill, Jerry; AONTAS (2020) 'We make the path by walking: community education walking dialogues': AONTAS Community Education Network Conversation Series. [Report]
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2017 O'Neill, J. (2017) Towards a Critical and Participatory Model of Tenant Participation. [Report]
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