Dr Mary Dobbs appointed to College of Experts by Office for Environmental Protection

Dr Mary Dobbs
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 - 09:30

Professor Robbie McDonald, OEP Chief Scientist said: “The OEP College of Experts will increase our access to specialist expertise, providing an additional means for us to broaden our evidence base, identify and review key areas of research, and enhance the provision of external expertise, challenge and advice.

College members were selected through an open process and will help to increase the OEP’s scientific understanding and evidence base by providing expert input on specific issues, providing peer review and challenge of our work and that of our suppliers. The College will also have a key role in our prospective analyses and horizon scanning for emerging strategic issues.

Dr Mary Dobbs is an Associate Professor in Law at the School of Law and Criminology. She specialises in environmental law & governance, agriculture and genetically modified crops - in particular within the EU, but also more broadly.  Her current research includes focussing on these issues in the context of Brexit. She has published extensively in the field, engages with stakeholders and through giving evidence at parliamentary inquiries, and is a member of organisations such as Brexit and Environment and the Future Earth Ireland committee in the Royal Irish Academy. Mary has undertaken a number of projects and reports in this field, including for environmental NGOs and the Welsh Senedd, with a further project on the NI Protocol about to commence.