Account Security and Access Management

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires two or more proofs of identty to grant you access to a system or service. This provides added security to your account, ensuring that it cannot be used without your knowledge. This additional security involves the verification of your identity using an additional factor, e.g. one factor may be something you know, such as a password or PIN, and the additional factor may be something your have, such as a smartphone. This prevents others from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is an identity security solution that helps protect the university against cybersecurity threats by monitoring, detecting, and preventing unauthorised privileged access to resources. 

Requesting the service:
PAM solutions are applied to managed devices by default. 

IT Security

Maynooth University IT Services implement and manage a range of security practices and technologies that aim to secure the university online enivonrment and infrastructure. However, IT Security is everyone's business and as such, we expect staff members and enrolled students to be proactive in safeguarding their account and data. As such, we would advise you to review the following information on our webpages: