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Sport Science and Health

This programme is based on the core scientific disciplines of sport and exercise science - physiology and biomechanics. It considers three core questions. How does the human body respond to the different types of exercise, how can we maximise the effects of training on sport and exercise performance, and how can physical activity reduce and prevent disease? 

Students who complete this programme will learn how to achieve maximum performance for the high performing athlete and how to support exercise and physical activity for the health of the wider population, of all ages and capabilities.

Food Science and Human Nutrition

This programme is for students who want to work in the area of food production, quality assurance, nutrition, and product development, with a focus on future foods and the role of food in the health of people, in Ireland and globally. 

Students who complete this programme will gain a broad science-based education, with specialist content on the future food development, human nutrition, and the role of food and healthy living, and will also explore the social and global challenges around food security.