Physics - Experimental

Why study Physics - Experimental

A lot of exciting developments in modern society, be it the mobile phone, the CAT scanner or even the veritable X-ray machine, stem from our much improved understanding of systems governed by quantum physics. We are also moving ever closer to understanding the nature and the origin of the Universe and the universal physical laws that govern its evolution, with all that this entails for the understanding of our place in it and our future.

Maynooth University has a long tradition of excellence in Experimental Physics. We offer a broad and exciting curriculum in a vibrant learning environment as part of four-year degree programmes. Our facilities are first class and include state-of-the-art laboratories, an observatory with a computerised Meade telescope, an atmospheric physics facility, and radio and cosmicray telescopes.

Field trips and scientific visits are organised to other facilities such as L’Observatoire d’Haute Provence (France), the European Space Agency (the Netherlands), Jodrell Bank (UK), St. Luke’s Hospital and Armagh Observatory. 

Department staff are heavily committed to both teaching and research. Much of our research involves international collaborations and, as a result, opportunities exist for undergraduates to be introduced to topics relating to some of these areas of investigation.

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