Deptartment of Adult & Community Education Vacancy for Research Assistant; Research Project ‘Unlocking Freedom through Adult Education'

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 11:30

The Department of Adult and Community Education are seeking a research assistant to work on a European Funded Erasmus + research projectUnlocking Freedom through Adult Education: The role of adult education in supporting the de-institutionalisation of people with disabilities in the community’.  The project has three key objectives:

  • To improve the life-long learning opportunities and social integration of people with disabilities through adult and community education;
  • To bring local adult education providers together with local community based services/facility operators with the aim of devising or adapting curriculum to support their new role in including people with disabilities in their activities;
  • To address the formal education needs of staff moving from institutional to community based provision in order to challenge the institutional culture of the organisation and to maximise their support to integrate people with disabilities fully into the community.

Please follow this link for full details:

Closing Date:  Sunday, June 26, 2016