Recovery Mental Health and Addiction Seminar Saturday 7th March 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015 - 00:00

This important day will be led by three Speakers:
•    Jimmy Connolly:    ‘Recovery an Overview of Policy’
•    Jutta Kirrkamm:    ‘Mayo Recovery College’
•    Martin Keane:    ‘Addiction Recovery a Contagious Paradigm’

Workshops  - Addiction Studies: 
•    Robert O’Driscoll: 'Re-authoring narratives of failure to stories of redemption: the contribution relapse can make to the recovery process'
•    Vivienne O’Brien:  ‘SMART Recovery -mutual aid for addiction recovery’.
•    Anna O’Neill/Nina Smyth: ‘The drug treatment court model as a recovery/rehabilitation approach to drug related criminal offending’.
•    David Madden: ‘Community Re-enforcement Approach-worth another look’.
•    Tom O’Brien: ‘Limitations of the term Capital in the Recovery Capital model’.

Workshops -  Psychology: 
•    Dr. Brian McLean:  ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’.
•    Kieran Kelleher:  ‘The relationship between religiosity and mental health’.
•    Dr. Fearga Kenny:  ‘Means, medians and modes - what type of average do you want?’