Research Seminar With Prof Kathleen Lynch ‘Inequality in working, learning, and caring’

Friday, April 6, 2018 - 18:00

The Centre for Research in Adult Learning and Education (CRALE), Department of Adult and Community Education are delighted to welcome Professor Kathleen Lynch, University College Dublin to Maynooth University on 5th April 2018 for a research seminar about ‘Inequality in working, learning, and caring’.
Professor Lynch spoke about the initial findings of her current research project in terms of how equality of opportunity policies are operating in practice in the context of working, caring and learning in higher education in Ireland. She discussed how higher education is a social site experiencing major social change with increasing privatization and commercialization, and one where there is intense and increasing pressure to perform in market terms.

This research project is sponsored by The Irish Research Council, 2014-2017