ALL Institute to Contribute a Module to New Inter-University Masters in Digital Health Transformation in 2020

Monday, September 9, 2019 - 10:00

The MSc in Digital Health Transformation, which will be led by University of Limerick, will train digital leaders in delivering innovative and cost effective health services in Ireland. It was co-designed by the HSE Digital Academy and the eight Irish universities, including Maynooth University.  The ALL Institute will contribute by delivering one of the modules.

It was launched by the HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr Colm Henry, at the inaugural Digital Academy Forum at Dr Steevens’ Hospital in Dublin.  “This is a great example of Open Innovation 2.0, which will help build Digital capacity and capability not just in the HSE, but across the entire Irish health ecosystem. The collaboration and support of the eight Universities has been exemplary. The new Masters will train digital leaders who will deliver more cost effective and better health services for Irish citizens,” said Dr Henry.

The programme will run over 18 months with taught modules delivered over two semesters. In addition, participants will undertake a substantial digital health transformation project, the duration of which extends just over a year.  For the taught element, in each semester participants will attend a residential block and five in-house blocks. Residential blocks will take place at the University of Limerick while the locations of in-house blocks will rotate among the participating institutions, including Maynooth University.

Aims of the programme

Taking cognisance of the social, legal, ethical and technical issues and ensuring compliance with the standards and regulations governing systems in the healthcare domain, this course aims to develop digital health transformation agents with the skills, knowledge and abilities to:

  • explore healthcare ecosystem developments, engaging patients, providers, payers, policy makers, pharmacies and pharmaceuticals (6Ps) to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing to realise the value potential of these innovative partnerships; and
  • lead core, adjacent and transformational innovations in a healthcare environment, taking a disciplined approach to advancing their understanding of exponential technologies (such as mobility, genomics, imaging and analytics) in order to realise the transformative power of digital disruptions

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