ALL Member, David Prendergast has Photo Accepted for Siel Bleu Charity Campaign

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 10:00

David Prendergast presenting keynote speech at HRB Conference
Last year, David Prendergast volunteered to do five photoshoots for Siel Bleu – a non-profit organisation that provides chair bound exercise classes for older people in nursing homes, rehab units and community groups. He developed 250 images for them and now funding has been awarded to promote the charity using his image of a cancer survivor who went through a great deal during her journey back to health and fitness helped by Siel Bleu. Her picture, above, has made most of the national dailies in the past and will now be found on 46 bus shelters, 26 digital pods in shopping centres and on 588 dart cards so please enjoy a smile if you see it on your travels.

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