ALL Member, Deirdre Desmond to be Keynote Speaker at ISPO Conference, 2019 in Japan

Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 12:45

Profile Pic Deirdre Desmond

ISPO (International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics) World Congress 2019 in the Land of the Rising Sun
Asia building on "Basics to Bionics"

This year's theme “Basics to Bionics” reflects the breadth of the rehabilitation field and assistive technology, including traditional rehabilitation approaches and more complex interactions between humans and machines (rehabilitation robotics), while embracing the relevance and importance of both basic and emerging technologies.  
Keynote Speakers from Psychology, Biomechanics and Physiotherapy
For the ISPO World Congress 2019, the Scientific Committee has already secured very exciting keynote speakers from the scientific world:

Dr Deirdre Desmond is senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Co-Director of the Assisting Living & Learning (ALL) Institute at the Maynooth University in Ireland. Her research focuses, among other things, on psycho-social aspects of support technologies. The topic of her keynote is „Complex Entanglements: People and Assistive Technologies“.

Dr Max Ortiz Catalan is a lecturer at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University in Sweden, where he founded and currently heads the Biomechatronics and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory. At the ISPO World Congress 2019 he will lecture on „Osseo-neuromuscular Integration of Prosthetic Limbs and Neurorehabilitation from Phantom Limb Pain“.

Prof Eiichi Saitoh is a certified physiotherapist and executive vice president of Fujita Health University as well as a professor and chairman of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Fujita Health University School of Medicine in Aichi, Japan. In his keynote he will talk about “Activity Assistive Robotics from the View Point of Rehabilitation Medicine”.
About ISPO World Congress
As ISPO’s flagship meeting, the World Congress is a unique interactive event where professionals involved in the care of persons in need of prosthetic, orthotic, mobility, and assistive devices come together to learn about the latest scientific and clinical advances, products, innovative technologies, designs, and materials in prosthetic and orthotic care.
About ISPO International

ISPO is a global multidisciplinary non-governmental organization aiming to improve the quality of life for persons who may benefit from prosthetic, orthotic, mobility and assistive devices by:
Ensuring quality care and education of professionals for the benefit of patients around the world;

  • Promoting research and evidence-based practice;
  • Facilitating innovative and appropriate technology development;
  • Promoting international collaboration and consensus building;
  • Fostering exchange, high-quality knowledge and networking. 

ISPO gathers representatives of a variety of medical and allied health professions related to prosthetics and orthotics i.e. prosthetists and orthotists but also prosthetic and orthotic (P&O) technicians, orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthopedic shoemakers, nurses and biomechanical/rehabilitation engineers.

ISPO currently represents over 70 Member Societies (MS) and counting 3,500 individual members in over 100 countries around the world.
Conference Details
Kobe Convention Center, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Date: 5-8/10/19
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