*Announcement* The ALL Institute and Microsoft Ireland receive US-Ireland Research Innovation Award for ‘DreamSpace’ STEM experience

Katriona O Sullivan Profile Picture
Friday, December 11, 2020 - 17:30

 The partnership between the ALL Institute and Microsoft DreamSpace received high praise yesterday when they received the RIA 2020 US-Ireland Research Innovation Award for Innovation in Talent Development.
In 2018 Microsoft and the ALL Institute embarked on a research partnership which examined the impact of the DreamSpace 21CLD education activity- led by Dr Katriona O’Sullivan.
The research has paved the way for a stronger evidence base assessing the overall impacts of DreamSpace for students, teachers, and broader society, thus allowing DreamSpace to use evidence-based activities to increase STEM participation.
Microsoft Ireland’s DreamSpace is an immersive, research-based STEM experience for students to enhance their STEM skills, develop their understanding of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts, promote an understanding of the technology sector career pathways, and support and inform classroom curriculum development. By creating and delivering authentic and experiential learning experiences, focused on teachers and students, the project is supporting the wider Government STEM strategy 2024.
The US-Ireland Research Innovation Awards which are now in their sixth year, are a joint initiative between the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) and the American Chamber of Commerce, to recognise excellence in research innovation, creation and invention by an organisation, as a result of US FDI in Ireland. This year marked the first year of the Innovation in Talent Development category.
The ALL Institution looks forward to the coming years, where this partnership will go from strength to strength