New Article: ALL Director Mac MacLachlan has Article Published in Ethics & Behavior

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 06:15

Full Citation

MacLachlan, M. (2018). Access to Assistive Technology, Systems Thinking, and Market Shaping: A Response to Durocher et al. Ethics & Behavior, 1-5.


Fairness of access to assistive technology is important for its allocation on an equitable basis and for broader social justice and rights issues. Although the use of Daniels’s notion of “justice as fair opportunity” is helpful to the context of assistive technology, other aspects of Daniels’s broader conceptualisation of “just health” are not appropriate in this context. It is argued that fairness of access to assistive technology is crucial for the equitable attainment of the sustainable development goals; however, such access will be achieved only by the sector developing a much stronger systems thinking and market shaping perspective.