Webinar: The Hidden Threat of Covid-19

Friday, November 6, 2020 - 12:15 to 14:15

SAR Network – Ireland, of which Maynooth University is a founding member, is hosting a series of webinars addressing Academic Freedom at Risk.  Our first Webinar is on 6 November 2020 examining the Hidden Threat of Covid-19 to Academic Freedom.  We have three excellent speakers who have all graciously given their time to take part.  They are the Indian human rights lawyer, Lara Jesani, the Turkish researcher who has examined how pandemics can be used to silence thought, Sevgi Dogan, the Uigher activist and champion of Uigher rights, Jewher Ilham.  They will consider the heightened threats to Academic Freedom in their countries in these pandemic times.  After their presentations, they will be joined by three discussants in an open, roundtable conversation with active audience participation.

In recent months, many governments have used the COVID-19 lockdown as the pretext for a crackdown on intellectual dissent and academic freedom. This network-wide webinar, sponsored by Scholars at Risk Ireland, will explore these renewed attacks in several different contexts, including Turkey, China, India and elsewhere, drawing on individual presentations and a concluding panel discussion.

Registration (compulsory) at the following link