Maynoooth University Snooker
Maynooth University Snooker Club has a long and proud history going back to St. Patrick’s College in the 1970s.
In the mid-noughties, the Club was enjoying an unprecedented run of success, taking the Irish inter-varsity snooker championship titles in successive years.   A major development came for the Club when it agreed to move its premises from the (old) south campus grounds of St. Patrick’s College to a new facility in the basement of Rye Hall on the north campus of Maynooth University in 2007. 
The three existing tables were installed, in addition to a newly acquired professional table used in the 2007 World Championship Finals at the Crucible, Sheffield.
At the same time, the Club launched the world’s first Snooker Scholarship scheme, sponsored jointly by the Republic of Ireland Billiards and Snooker Association, the Club and the University, and launched at an exhibition on campus by former World Champions Ken Doherty and Steve Davis.  Jonathan Williams was the first snooker scholar, joined in 2008 by Vincent Muldoon.  They were top players who would never have considered 3rd level education except for the scheme, but ended their time at Maynooth University with Masters Degrees.
The club is open until 10pm daily to members.  For membership, please email
For snooker scholarships apply on-line at Sport Scholarships no later than April 1st