Ecrisson Innovation Competition - 1st Prize €25,000

Friday, November 7, 2014 - 00:00

The challenge 
The challenge for Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015:
The topic is learning. Learning in its widest sense; how can we make learning accessible to all? What tools do we need when lifelong  learning becomes necessary for everyone? What are the new tools and methodologies when learning becomes an online activity – and when learning is happening more and more away from school buildings? Do you have an idea about the future of learning?

The team:
To enter the competition you need a team of two to four people. We recommend a combination of technology and business students.
One person must be appointed team leader and will be the point of contact for communication with Ericsson.

First prize: EUR 25,000
Second prize: EUR 10,000
Third prize: EUR 5,000

Submission Weed Nov 26th to Dec 3rd 

All finalists and semi-finalists will be given the opportunity to be interviewed for a possible internship or permanent position at Ericsson.
LinkedIn – endorsements and winner’s mark from Ericsson
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