The Careers and Employability Service collaborate with University faculty and staff to support students as they imagine and create a better future and develop the skills they need to excel personally and professionally. This not only involves raising awareness about our diverse service offerings but also collaborating on impactful employability programmes that benefit all stakeholders.  

Together we aim to enhance students’ awareness of career pathways, develop their career readiness for the world of work, and equip them with the necessary skills and experiences crucial for future professional success.

How we hope to collaborate with you in developing student employability: 

  • We offer tailored careers advice to MU students. Our expert team have a wealth of high-quality, comprehensive information, data, resources, tools and initiatives available to help develop the employability skills of MU students.​ 
  • We can provide bespoke Careers and employability talks and workshops.​ 
  • We facilitate embedded Academic Placement Schemes.​ 
  • We can partner with you to embed curricular and co-curricular experiential learning upskill programmes to enable MU students to develop employability skills to complement their degrees.​ 
  • We can advertise opportunities and connect you and your students to employers.​ 

For further information, please see below or send an email to: For queries regarding Academic Placement, please send an email to