Writing-Enriched Curriculum


Writing-Enriched Curriculum or WEC ‘is a facilitated process designed to support the integration of relevant writing and writing instruction into departmental curricula and to increase the rate at which students’ writing meets local faculty expectations’ (Flash, 2021, p.18). Using WEC scholarship and practice, CTL aims to collaborate with colleagues to support the development of student writing. This approach to student writing development is located in the discipline and in academic departments, is enquiry driven and is supported by CTL colleagues. In our intentional move towards a WEC approach we are building on our staff-facing work to date where we have collaborated with academic colleagues in a range of interventions to support student writing. In practical terms, the WEC function in CTL will, in the first instance

  • support staff with the integration of writing-to-learn into their teaching
  • work with staff to develop discipline-specific writing resources
  • provide professional development sessions for staff around exploring WEC
  • collaborate with staff on module-/semester-/year-long discipline-specific academic writing interventions for students
  • engage in research on WEC and related topics. 

Colleagues who wish to learn more about this approach may find the open access book entitled Writing-Enriched Curricula: Models of Faculty-Driven and Departmental Transformation (2021) edited by Chris Anson and Pamela Flash and published by The WAC Clearinghouse, University Press of Colorado of interest particularly the Introduction: WEC and the Strength of the Commons and Chapter 1. Writing-Enriched Curriculum: A Model for Making and Sustaining Change.
We are excited about this evolution of our work with staff. We request your patience while we find our footing and look forward to working with you in earnest later this academic year.

If you have any questions or comments about this work please email us on teachingandlearning@mu.ie.

Flash, P. (2021). ‘Writing-Enriched Curriculum: A Model for Making and Sustaining Change’ in Anson, C. M., and Flash, P. (eds.) Writing-Enriched Curricula: Models of Faculty-Driven and Departmental Transformation. The WAC Clearinghouse; University Press of Colorado, pp. 17-44.