Do you like…

Solving a difficult problem in a creative way?
Finding out how things work?
Finding ways of making things work better?
Using creativity in business environment?
Understanding human behaviour?

Product design is the creation of new products built with the user in mind and bridges the gap between technology and the market in a human-centred way. Product design is at the heart of successful product innovation and is increasingly valued by creative and entrepreneurial businesses. Its tools, methods and process are now used to transform and reinvigorate business model and service offerings. Design innovation at Maynooth University offers a diverse and exploratory learning experience guided by a lecturing team made up of specialists with extensive industry experience across product, graphic, engineering, electronic, furniture, medical and sports equipment design. The Department of Design Innovation is a young and exciting organisation with a growing reputation for creating highly motivated, well-informed and innovative graduates.

In all our programmes, we teach and research design as a strategic and creative user-centred discipline that is at the heart of modern innovation.


We produce world-class graduates and research output in design and innovation related areas of study. We want to provide an excellent service to students, the University and the national community.
We achieve excellence – in our teaching, research and professional interactions – through innovative practices, in a stimulating and creative environment.
And, we put Design Thinking and design creativity at the heart of our  multi-disciplinary innovation activities.


Product designers are key to innovation in the modern world. As technological competence spreads globally, businesses are placing greater focus on achieving market success through design. Graduates will be capable of understanding and driving innovation in many spheres of life, especially those involving design and technology, its application or assessment. Students may consider career areas such as product design, technical marketing, new product development, design management, project management, public administration, technology business management and most other design disciplines. The broadness of product design education also opens up opportunities where there is no direct relationship to design.