Mediation, Negotiation and Dialogue Skills for CSDP 

Next Course online - 10 May/2022 - 24/May/2022 (Students will have access to Coursework from Monday 25 April.)     Invitation.                                                                                                  

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Negotiation and mediation is part of all our lives.  EU public servants use negotiation, mediation and facilitation skills as an essential part of daily work.  This Course provides an opportunity to explore, practice, develop and hone these skills in a safe, supportive and highly mentored learning environment.   This Course will seek to develop your personal capacity to be more effective in conflict resolution.

The aim of the Course is to give students an understanding of mediation and negotiation and allow them acquire a facility to be able to apply these techniques in CSDP crisis management operations and missions. The EU now engages alongside other international actors, in complex multi-faceted mediation activities.  In addition, these instruments are required at all stages of a CSDP Crisis Management Operation or Mission.  They may be needed by the mission leadership when dealing with stakeholders, or, at the working level, by EU police, military or civilian personnel, at isolated outposts, when trying to control an incident or when interceding in a local dispute.

 This Course will teach students to negotiate for themselves and then to use the mediation process, which includes negotiation, to help other parties to prevent, to manage and to resolve conflict.
 The course is open to both civilian and military personnel from EU‐Member States, EU Institutions and Agencies, candidate states and selected third countries and will be strictly limited to 18 participants. 

The content of the Course will be highly interactive with a strong emphasis on inter-personal engagement and learning by doing. The concept underlying the Course is to teach and practise students to be able to negotiate for themselves and then to use the mediation process, which includes negotiation, to help other parties prevent, manage and resolve conflict.

An intensive mediation simulation is the keystone aspect of the Course.  The Mediation Simulation concerns an ethnic conflict in an area where an UN Mandated CSDP Peacekeeping Mission is deployed.   It will involve each of the students as members in the small support team of a high level mediator.  

Read an extract from the Exercise Scenario-  Escalation

To add authenticity to the Simulation, the faction leaders will be role- played by personalities from relevant civil society, academic and military backgrounds.