Attention Leaving Cert Teachers - Bring your students on a virtual tour of Astrophysics & Cosmology!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 - 10:00 to 12:00

What are black holes? How did they form? How did our Universe begin and how will it end? 

A Masterclass for 5th & 6th year students.

Join Dr. John Regan and Prof. Peter Coles from the Department of Theoretical Physics at Maynooth University to learn about some of the most fascinating objects in our Universe and about the origin of our Universe.

This Masterclass in Cosmology & Black Holes is specifically designed to cater for second level students in the Leaving Cert Cycle. The 2 hour presentation will cover some of the leading ideas in astrophysics research today while also introducing students to the fundamental research being conducted at Maynooth University today. Students will learn about the degree course in Theoretical Physics at Maynooth, the topics which are covered in the course and what students can do with a degree in Theoretical Physics.

The event is free of charge and aimed at second level students in the leaving cert cycle. Each class that registers will be emailed a zoom link in advance of the event. The idea is that teachers will log onto the call and stream the call to their class. This avoids overloading the zoom call.

To register for the event please go to