Dr Eithne Dempsey

Chemistry, Human Health Institute

Associate Professor

MAP Lodge
(01) 474 7172


Eithne Dempsey received a PhD in Electroanalytical Chemistry from DCU in 1993 followed by postdoctoral research at St. Vincent’s hospital, Dublin. She then took up a position as Lecturer in Chemistry at Technological University Dublin - Tallaght Campus  where she managed the Centre for Research in Electroanalytical Technologies, resulting in successful graduation of 19 MSc/PhD  students and realising >€6M in recurrent funding with the establishment of the Enterprise Ireland funded Technology Gateway centre MiCRA Biodiagnostics. She has co-authored 102 peer reviewed scientific articles (H index 29) and has worked closely with a range of start up, SMEs and multinational companies on 20+ projects in the diagnostics, chemical analysis and sensor development areas. EU grant co-ordination has included Marie Curie individual fellowships and international staff exchange programmes. She was appointed visiting Professor of Chemistry at the University of the Western Cape, Capetown, South Africa in 2012 and in 2017 took up a position as Lecturer in Chemistry at Maynooth University. Her research interests include chemical and biosensor development, nanomaterials, point of care biodiagnostics, and conducting polymers.

Research Interests

Nanostructured materials including nanoassembly, nanoparticle synthesis with use of modern electrochemical and surface based techniques for the study of fundamental material properties;          

Electrocatalytic materials including  inorganic redox active materials  with applications in biomedical, fuel cell and environmental science;

Micro and nanosensor technology including nano/microfabrication (applications in human and animal healthcare);

Design and fabrication of integrated fluidics/sensor microsystems which exploit the unique properties of electrocatalytic/nanomaterials for biomedical diagnostics.

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
The fabrication of conducting 2D layered graphene-like materials and their applications as environmental sensors and as electro-catalysts for electroFenton: Improved sensing and removal of emerging pollutants from co-PI 01/12/2021 01/12/2025 479742
Colm McKeever: Electrochemical investigations into latent fingerprint enhancement on metallic surfaces using electrodeposited films and electrochromic materials. PI IRC GOI Postgrad Scholarship- McKeever McKeever 01/09/2021 31/08/2023 55000
Career Fit + Application PI 01/02/2021 31/01/2024 265050
NF/2019/15518094-Electrocoagulation and Electro-Fenton based approaches to Mitigation of Emerging Contaminants in water PI 01/05/2020 31/12/2021 9996
Conference in Analytical Sciences in Ireland 2018 PI The conference is one of the main mechanisms whereby synergistic research activity in analytical science across the island of Ireland can be united in one setting. The event builds on previous CASi conferences which have alternated between Dublin and other regional centres. This meeting is an unique opportunity to expose leading Irish researchers and the (bio)analytical postgraduate community to nationally significant employment sectors such as agri-food innovations, forensic analysis, veterinary diagnostics, human healthcare, environmental and biopharma industry. We have an exciting line up of national and proposed international speakers who will address cross cutting advances in biophotonics, data interpretation and processing, bioanalytical challenges, fundamental properties of materials at the nanoscale and electrochemical interrogation. The proposed plenary international speaker is Professor of Molecular Biophotonics and Imaging at the Institute for LifeSciences, University of Southampton, UK. Prof. Mahajan holds the Chair in Molecular BioPhotonics and Imaging and his plenary address will complement the practise-led discussion with spectroscopic tools, and advanced methodologies to understand disease processes for rapid human diagnostics. It is intended that there be a blend of participants from early stage researchers through to experienced researchers and young/established faculty members complemented by industry (environmental medical device, dairy and pharmaceutical industry) and state sponsored bodies (e.g. Public Analyst laboratories, Forensic Science Ireland, Equine Laboratories). Each event builds upon prior success with more and more industry engagement and speakers facilitated. This will be the first time that Maynooth University will host the event, and a new initiative in 2018 will address the requirement for a national Technical Officer workshop opportunity shaped by practitioners, enabling an interactive and informative forum for discussion and brainstorming. 20/03/2018 20/05/2018 3000
Rapid Electronic Sensor Technologies Applied to Fermentation Process Monitoring PI 01/10/2017 30/09/2018 96000
Electroanalysis of sugar molecules using chemoreceptors and redox active molecules - Athira Tomy PI 01/09/2023 31/08/2025 61000
Sensing oxidative stress biomarkers of neurodegenerative disease - Alexandra Lapiy PI 01/09/2023 31/08/2027 123000
Pyrene boronic acid functionalised carbon nanotubes for sialic acid electrochemical binding investigations PI 01/01/2024 31/12/2025 4993

Post Doctoral Fellows / Research Team

Researcher Name Project Funding Body
Saurav Kumar Guin Sialic acid sensing in dairy applications
Eoghain Patrick Murphy Electroanalysis of therapeutics
Colm Mc Keever Latent fingerprinting visualisation using conducting polymers
Athira Monica Tomy Sialic acid biodiagnostics using electrochemical sensors

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2022 Frances Heaney, Denise Rooney, Orla Fenelon, Tobias Krämer, Eithne Dempsey, Stephen Barrett, Caytlin Boylan, Kyle Doherty, Luke Marchetti, Joseph Curran, Lisa O’Regan, Trinidad Velasco-Torrijos (2022) 'A Whole Team Approach to Integration of Student Feedback into Continuous Assessment Activities for First-Year Students Transitioning to University Chemistry Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic' In: University Chemistry Teaching in the 21. Century. Poland : Pedagoška fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani. https://doi.org/10.26529/9789612532970/ch4

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2022 Hou Y.; Mushtaq A.; Tang Z.; Dempsey E.; Wu Y.; Lu Y.; Tian C.; Farheen J.; Kong X.; Iqbal M.Z. (2022) 'ROS-responsive Ag-TiO2 hybrid nanorods for enhanced photodynamic therapy of breast cancer and antimicrobial applications'. Journal Of Science: Advanced Materials And Devices, 7 (2). [DOI] [Full-Text]
2022 Sukanya, R; Barwa T.N; Yiran L; Dempsey, E; Breslin C.B. (2022) 'Emerging layered materials and their applications in the corrosion protection of metals and alloys'. Sustainability, 14 :4079--. [Full-Text]
2022 Halpin, G; McEntee, S; Dwyer, C; Lawless, F; Dempsey, E (2022) 'Lactose Biosensor Development and Deployment in Dairy Product Analysis'. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 169 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2022 McKeever C.; Callan S.; Warren S.; Dempsey E. (2022) 'Magnetic nanoparticle modified electrodes for voltammetric determination of propellant stabiliser diphenylamine'. Talanta, 238 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2022 Guin, Saurav K. and Velasco-Torrijos, Trinidad and Dempsey, Eithne (2022) 'Explorations in a galaxy of sialic acids: a review of sensing horizons, motivated by emerging biomedical and nutritional relevance'. . [Link] [DOI] [Full-Text]
2021 Jemmeli D.; Dridi C.; Abbas M.N.; Dempsey E. (2021) 'Development of highly sensitive and selective bisphenol A sensor based on a cobalt phthalocyanine-modified carbon paste electrode: Application in dairy analysis'. Analytical Methods, 13 (39):4674-4682. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2021 Mushtaq, A; Zhao, RB; Luo, DD; Dempsey, E; Wang, XM; Iqbal, MZ; Kong, XD (2021) 'Magnetic hydroxyapatite nanocomposites: The advances from synthesis to biomedical applications'. Materials and Design, 197 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
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2021 Zubair Iqbal, M.,Ali, Israt,Khan, Waheed S.,Kong, Xiangdong,Dempsey, Eithne (2021) 'Reversible self-assembly of gold nanoparticles in response to external stimuli'. 205 . [Link] [Full-Text]
2021 Soon G.H.; Deasy M.; Dempsey E. (2021) 'An electrochemical evaluation of novel ferrocene derivatives for glutamate and liver biomarker biosensing'. Biosensors, 11 (8). [DOI] [Full-Text]
2020 Warren, S; Seddon, B; Pilkington, R; Crossely, A; Holdway, P; Dempsey, E (2020) 'beta-methylumbelliferone Surface Modification and Permeability Investigations at PENTEL (TM) Graphite Electrodes'. Electroanalysis, . [DOI]
2020 Menezes, C; Malo-Estepa, I; Johnston, D; Delaney, A; Crowe, M; Diskin, M; Dempsey, E (2020) 'Electrochemical assay of sorbitol dehydrogenase at PEDOT modified electrodes - a new milk biomarker for confirmation of pregnancy in dairy cattle'. The Analyst, 145 :7267-7278. [DOI]
2020 Murphy, B; Singh, B; Delaney, A; Warren, S; Dempsey, E (2020) 'Phenothiazine Redox Active Conducting Polymer Films at Nanocomposite Surfaces'. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 167 . [DOI]
2020 Murphy, B; Dempsey, E (2020) 'Evaluation of an Ag85B Immunosensor with Potential for ElectrochemicalMycobacterium TuberculosisDiagnostics'. ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 9 . [DOI]
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Year Publication
2022 Sukanya R.; Barwa T.N.; Luo Y.; Dempsey E.; Breslin C.B. (2022) Emerging Layered Materials and Their Applications in the Corrosion Protection of Metals and Alloys. [Reviews] [DOI]
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