As defined by the World Meteorological Organization:

"Climate services are the dissemination of climate information to the public or a specific user. They involve strong partnerships among providers, such as National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, and stakeholders, including government agencies, private interests, and academia, for the purpose of interpreting and applying climate information for decision making, sustainable development, and improving climate information products, predictions, and outlooks."

Good quality climate information is key to making smart, informed, and effective adaptation and mitigation decisions for society and a range of public and private entities across a broad range of sectors.  Furthermore, new legislation requires taking into account climate change in a range of decision making processes.

Research carried out at ICARUS provides a broad range of observational, modeling, and statistical tools that can be used to support effective decision making at both national and international levels. Climate service provision is very much a conversation. Once needs are clearly ascertained we can discuss what is scientifically feasible to deliver.

If a product is agreed to be provided then ICARUS climate services provision is on a consultancy basis using university rates. There is no cost to making an initial enquiry or the ensuing discussion over feasibility.

If you wish to start a conversation please contact either Prof. Peter Thorne or the most relevant staff member. 

Climate bill

ICARUS researchers were involved in reviews of the Irish national climate bill and were authors or reviewers of numerous national reports including state of knowledge and impacts.