Research at the Department of International Development, Maynooth University

Our research is concerned with development challenges, processes and practices in a variety of local, community, national and international settings and contexts.

**Call for Papers**

We welcome submissions to the Research and Perspectives on Development Practice series of occasional papers.  It is a peer-reviewed series (ISSN: 2009-6976) published online in the MURAL (Maynooth University Research Archive Library).  We are continuously inviting submissions throughout the year. Should you wish to submit a paper, please get in touch with Tom Campbell, Managing Editor, at or review further details in the guidelines for new papers document, using the link below.

While we are interested in submissions related to any research relevant to development practice, in view of strategic themes currently a focus of this Department, we are particularly interested in papers regarding research related to the areas of:

  • Climate Action - Responses to Climate Change and Development Challenges
  • Development Education - Critical Global Activism and Engagement with International Development Policy.


Guidelines for Research and Perspectives on Development Practice papers
  Editorial Review Group

Our approach to Research is:

Inclusive - we recognise that knowledge creation can and should be a shared process that brings to the fore diverse perspectives that give voice to different experiences and realities.
Engaged – we place particular value on applied research that enables critical reflection on people’s lived experience of development challenges, processes and practices in the light of broader theoretical questions and debates.
Critical – we regard research as political and potentially transformative. In its potential to contribute to the realisation of justice, equality and human rights, we place emphasis on the kinds of research that raise critical questions about the realities we know and experience.

Our Contribution to Development Research

Our contribution to development research comes in many forms – through direct research by staff at the Department of International Development; through research projects undertaken by our students, often as part of their Masters Degree in International Development; and through on-going exchange and dialogue with practitioners, partners (in Ireland and overseas) and in other learning communities, particularly in the countries of the Global South. In addition, we often act as a convenor, bringing together individuals and groups to exchange experiences, knowledge and understandings, as a participant in research networks, and as disseminator of research and new ways of reflecting on development issues.

The Focus and Themes of Our Research and Publications

Staff (full-time and visiting) at the Department of International Development are engaged in research on a variety of different areas of development. These include development education, political ecology and discourses around climate change, migration, overseas volunteering, development representations and the security-development nexus.

Most Recent Staff Publications Include:

Campbell T. and Semplici G. (2023) The revival of the drylands: Re-learning resilience to climate change from pastoral livelihoods in East Africa. Climate and Development (TCLD), Taylor and Francis Online   

Dillon, E. (2022) 'Making Connections in Challenging Times-The Transformative Potential of Poetry for Critical Global Education'. Journal of Transformative Education, 

O'Keeffe, P. and Carron, D. (2022) 'Education Can't Wait for LGBTIQ Refugees? Exploring Inclusion and Access to Higher Education in Kakuma Refugee Camp' In: Migration, Displacement, and Higher Education: Now What?. United States : Palgrave MacMillan.

Doyle, K. (2022) EU Peacebuilding Missions: Developing Security in Post-conflict Nations. London: Palgrave.

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Reilly, P. and Liddy, M. (2021) Looking back and looking forward: Conversations on Paulo Freire’s Influence on Global Development Practice. In: Papers from a Conference to Mark the Centenary of the Birth of Paulo Freire (1921-1997), October 28, 2021, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

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Campbell, T. (2021) 'Climate Change Policy Narratives and Pastoralist Predicaments in the Horn of Africa: Insights from Ethiopia and Kenya'  Joint XVIV International Grasslands and XI International Rangelands Congress. Microsoft Word - IGC-IRC-Paper (T. Campbell).docx ( 

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Support for Postgraduate Research:

When it comes to support for postgraduate research, our focus is on supporting students to critically reflect on development in their own lived context. This allows for a wide range of research types and themes from a variety of countries and contexts. In recent years, we have supported Masters’ level research on areas such as agriculture, fair trade, democratic governance, gender based violence, poverty reduction, migration and domestic work. We have recently published papers arising from students’ research, as part of our occasional papers series Research and Perspectives on Development Practice, which can be accessed at the Maynooth University e-prints library