Ever thought of studying abroad during your degree?

From Madrid to Melbourne study abroad allows you to spend part of your degree programme at a partner university in a different country. You could spend a semester or year at one of our European Partner Universities through the Erasmus+ Programme or outside Europe at one of our overseas partners. While studying at Maynooth there are opportunities within most courses to study abroad and it’s a great opportunity for you to travel and embrace a new culture while studying for your degree.

Erasmus+ Programme (EU)

The Erasmus+ programme is an EU-funded education programme designed to encourage you to enhance your university education by spending a period of study in another European Union member state, or member states of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway & Switzerland). We have over 100 excellent exchange partners in the EU and funding is available for students going abroad on the Erasmus+ Programme.

Study Abroad Programme (Non EU)

The Study Abroad programme gives you the opportunity to study at one of our exchange partners located outside the EU. We have excellent exchange partners in the UK, Asia, North America  and Australia. There is no funding available for study abroad outside the EU and we recommend that you read the Cost of Living Guide in advance of applying.

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