How the IQDA can help you

It is good to think about an archiving strategy from the early stages of a research project. The IQDA can guide you in preparing your data collection for long term preservation and sharing regardless of the stage you are at with your research. We provide a consultation service for individual researchers through to larger research teams, and we can guide you on each stage of data preparation for archiving including

  • Consent form design in line with institutional ethical guidelines and best practice guidelines
  • Data management in line with best practice in personal and research data collection and storage
  • Assessment of data sensitivity 
  • Data anonymisation 
  • Data formats in line with best practice in international preservation recommendations 
  • Metadata creation, cataloging and linking data 
  • Enhanced dissemination, publicity and profile raising for data collections 

We also offer a range of workshops on data management, software tools for qualitative research and developing an archiving strategy. If you are planning to archive qualitative data please get in touch. We are happy to discuss your options with you and to guide you through this process. Our staff are especially expert in the preservation of qualitative research data from the social sciences and humanities. Contact us.