Froebel MECPATHS Anti-Trafficking Awareness Launch

Monday, October 23, 2023 - 12:00
School of Education - SE014
Froebel Dept. strives to prepare and inspire caring educators to support the holistic education of every child in a changing Ireland. We have been working for many years, in a broad range of settings, to champion the rights of children here in Ireland and internationally. As emerging professionals, our student educators work at the frontline across the country in Primary Schools and Early Years settings where they may encounter vulnerable children. We recognise the growing number of children nationally who are at-risk of being trafficked for a variety of types of exploitation and in response to our principles, we feel compelled to act and to respond. 
MECPATHS is the only organisation in Ireland which focuses on the countering of Child Trafficking, working to deliver education for front-line staff and personnel who are uniquely positioned to respond to the children's needs and safety. They have been working with Froebel Department for several years providing anti-trafficking awareness training to our students to equip them to identify children at risk in their care. Knowledge of such vulnerabilities allows them to enact early-interventions to ensure the children's safeguarding and protection. The training received by staff and students in Froebel Dept. has notably changed our practice and has empowered us to be more cognisant of this issue.
Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education is the first Initial Teacher Education Institution to work with MECPATHS and we would love if you could join us on Monday 23rd Oct at 12pm in School of Education, as the partnership is formally launched by Prof. Eeva Leinonen, President, Maynooth University.