MU Hamilton Institute Graduate Student Talks

Monday, October 23, 2023 - 10:00 to Thursday, October 26, 2023 - 11:00
Hamilton Institute Seminar room (317), 3rd Floor Eolas Building, North Campus


Monday 23rd October
10:00 Carl Fogarty, "Xylose and Mannose to Spikes and TSR’s: a Journey uncovering Sequence to Structure to the Functional Role of N-Glycans"
10:20 Amin Shoari Nejad, "Machine learning on sparse data with the sert package"
10:40 Kevin Horan, "Swingers: Exploring compositional and contextual factors in voting behaviour"

Tuesday 24th October
10:00 Cormac Monaghan, "Procrastination in Later Life - A Structural Equation Model"
10:20 Bill Calvey, "Can health anxiety be measured using a single item? A Bland-Altman approach"
10:40 Nahia Martinez Iturricastillo, "Wave energy and long-term wave loads against offshore monopiles"

Wednesday 25th October
10:00 Fred Valdez Ameneyro, "Playing games by evolving search policies"
10:20 Aoife Flood, "Exploring the Early Universe: QUBIC's Optics and Data Analysis Pipeline"
10:40 Ojas Singh, "Sweet Structures and How to Find Them"

Thursday 26th October
10:00 Emma Govan, "Simmr: An R package for Stable Isotope Mixing Models"
10:20 Pramit Dutta,
10:40 Chang Liu,"Spatial Statistics for large 3D biological images"