Dr Hilary Tierney

Applied Social Studies, ALL Institute

Associate Professor

Auxilia, North Campus, Maynooth University
Level 4
(01) 708 6489


I joined the Department of Applied Social Studies in MU after many years as a community work and youth work practitioner in a variety of roles and contexts. I contribute across the Department’s programmes in the areas of youth work theory, policy and practice, supervision, professional skills development and research theory and practice.

My practice and research interests converge in a specific interest in reflective practice, professional supervision, informal education, ethics and values in professional practice and the professional formation of gender conscious practitioners.

I am particularly interested in the potential of informal social education to develop young people's critical capacities as local and global citizens who are committed to equality, social justice and human rights.

The Department's mission to 'promote human rights, social justice and equality, nationally and internationally, through excellence and innovation in education, research and public engagement that contribute to the development of the social professions and applied social sciences' is both a 'guiding principle' and a 'call to action' in all aspects of my work within the university and my wider engagement with the field of community work and youth work, nationally and internationally.

Research Interests

My approach to research is rooted in the values, principles and practice of community work and youth work. I draw on narrative and feminist approaches that seek to engage in research with and alongside participants as co-producers of knowledge.  I am committed to research that is engaged, collaborative, participatory and social justice focused that contributes to real world impacts in the field of  youth work and community work. I am co-Director of the Centre for Youth Research and Development [CYRD] at the Department of Applied Social Studies and a member of the Advisory Group for the Pool of European Youth Researchers {PEYR]. My research interests include, though are are not limited to:

Professional Practice
Youth Work
Young People
Global Youth Work
Community Work
Global Youth Work
Human Rights in Practice
Sustainable Development

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
Exploring the experiences of ethnic minoroty young people. (2021-23) Co-PI with Maurice Devlin 20000
Mapping Recogniton Models of Youth Workers Expert Advisor Council of Europe Project to map models of recognition of youth workers.
Volunteer Led Youth Work - Research team member on Collaborative study with UCC. IRC funded & supported by DCYA. 2012 Research Team Member 36000
International Youth Work [Léargas, NYCI and CYRD] Co-PI Léargas, NYCI and CYRD are producing open source interactive elearning curriculum resources in International Youth Work for youthworkandyou.org. The module is designed to enhance participants understanding of international youth work within the context of European programmes such as Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps. It will be launched in Spring 2021. 20/11/2019 30/06/2021
Youth Work eLearning Partnership [YWeLP] PI youthworkandyou.org was developed by the Youth Work eLearning Partnership [YWeLP], an Erasmus+ funded KA2 strategic partnership across five countries (Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Northern Ireland and Australia) during the period 2017-19. The project is co-ordinated by the Centre for Youth Research and Development [CYRD] in the Department of Applied Social Studies, Maynooth University with partners in Humak University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Talllinn University in Estonia, Ulster University in Northern Ireland and Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. YWeLP has created, designed and hosts youthworkandyou.org which provides digital curriculum materials on five contemporary youth work themes. 01/02/2017 31/08/2019 206330
Action Research Project – reflective practice in youth work with Kildare Youth Services (Co-PI) 2010 Co-PI 20000
Young People and Youth Workers Attitudes to Global Justice Issues (Co-PI) 2009-10 Co-PI 10000
Youth work eLearning Partnership PI 01/01/2017 31/01/2020 203610

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2023 Ciara Bradley, Sinead McMahon, Hilary Tierney (2023) 'Research for Practice in the Social Professions' In: Research for Social Justice. London : Bristol Policy Press.
2021 Dempsey, M., & Tierney, H. (2021) 'Ethical Challenges in Educational Research during the Pandemic Implications for interviewing in the online environment' In: Education Matters - Ireland's Education Yearbook 2020. Dublin : Education Matters. [Link]
2019 Janice Feighery, Barbara Nea and Hilary Tierney (2019) 'STEAMING AHEAD: TOWARDS EMBEDDING STEAM IN IRISH YOUTH WORK' In: Maker Activities in Youth Work. Helsinki, Finland : Verke. [Link]
2020 Cooper, T.; Brooker, M.R.; Tierney, H.; Sutcliffe, J. (2020) 'Digital technologies and youth work: Opportunities and challenges for models and theory' In: Youth Work In A Digital Society. [Link] [DOI]
2025 Trudi Cooper, Tim Corney, Happry Shein, Hilary Tierney (2025) '‘Youth, Transition and Social Justice: (re)searching spaces of social action’' In: Booke edited by Miichael Whelan and Micahel McShane. https://blogs.uwe.ac.uk/research-business-innovation/youth-transition-and-social-justice-researching-spaces-of-social-action-call-for-chapters/ : Bristol Univeral Press.
2024 Sinead McMahon, Ciara Bradley and Hilary Tierney (2024) 'Using a Social Justice Lens in Research Engagements for Community Work and Youth Work Practice' In: Rights and Social Justice in Research Advancing Methodologies for Social Change. Bristol : Bristol Policy Press.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2023 Bradley, C. Gorman, J. Tierney, H (2023) '“A journey, not a destination”: Emerging Professional Identities of Community Work & Youth Work Students'. Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, (Special Issue). [Link]
2011 Hilary Tierney (2011) 'Mapping Fieldwork and SupervisionPractice in the Social Professions (Part 1)'. YOUTH STUDIES IRELAND, 6 (1):18-33. [Link]
2011 Hilary Tierney (2011) 'Mapping Fieldwork and Supervision Practice in the Social Professions (Part 2)'. YOUTH STUDIES IRELAND, 6 (2):21-35. [Link]
2024 Cooper, T.; Corney, T.; Tierney, H.; Gorman, J.; Sutcliffe, J. (2024) 'Talking about relational youth work: why language matters'. Journal of Youth Studies, . [Link] [DOI]
2024 Rannala, I.E.; Gorman, J.; Tierney, H.; Guðmundsson, ; Hickey, J.; Corney, T. (2024) 'Ethical Practice in Professional Youth Work: Perspectives from Four Countries'. Ethics and Social Welfare, . [Link] [DOI]
2023 Bradley, C; Devlin, M; Brennan, P; Tierney, H; Reynolds, S; Crickley, A. (2023) 'Pedagogy as Praxis: Education and training in initial professional education for Community Workers and Youth Workers'. Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, (Special Issue). [Link]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2013 Mary Robb, Caroline Jones and Hilary Tierney (2013) 'The Evidence Conversation [Working Group on Evidence in Youth Work]' Irish Youth Work Scene, (77) :10-11. [Link]
2010 Hilary Tierney (2010) 'Promoting Development Education in Youth Work Training - Research Review' Policy and Practice - A Development Education Review, (10) :135-138. [Link]
2000 M. Devlin and H. Tierney (2000) 'Youthcert: Promoting Certification and Accreditation of Community-based Youth Work Training' Irish Youthwork Scene, 29 . [Full-Text]
1997 Hilary Tierney (1997) 'Community Employment & Youth Work: Some consequences & Issues' Irish Youth Work Scene, (18) :3-4. [Link]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2011 Hilary Tierney (2011) How do we know it is working? Outcomes in Youth Work . In: Gail Neil eds. Talking the Walk [Link]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2023 Hilary Tierney (2023) EaT SNAC German National Agency for Youth The Promise, the Ask and What is Required in Youuth Work Education and Training Milan, Italy, 19/10/2023-19/10/2023.
2023 Hilary Tierney (2023) Latvian National E+ Agency for International Programs for Youth Getting Curious - accessing online curriculum resources for youth work education and training Riga, Latvia (online), 18/10/2023-18/10/2023.
2023 Hilary Tierney (2023) Transferstelle zur Ausgestaltung der European Youth Work Agenda in Deutschland geplante Fachtagung Focus on Youth Work in Ireland Dortmund (Online), 06/10/2023-06/10/2023. [Link]
2022 HILARY TIERNEY (2022) Expert meeting on higher education in youth work Networking Erasmus Youth + KA2 Dr Hilary Tierney HELSIINKI, 19/09/2022-23/09/2022.
2022 HILARY TIERNEY (2022) VISIBLE VALUE strengthening the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda in Eastern and Southeast Europe SARAJEVO, 14/11/2022-17/11/2022.
2021 Ciara Bradley, Hilary Tierney, Jamie Gorman (2021) What's The Story? Narrative in Youth Work and Youth Studies - Maynooth, Ireland (Virtual) “A journey, not a destination”: Emerging professional narratives of Community and Youth workers  Maynooth, Ireland (Virtual), .
2021 Ciara Bradley, Hilary Tierney, Jamie Gorman (2021) World Community Development Conference 2021 - Nairobi, Kenya (Virtual) “A journey, not a destination”: Emerging professional narratives of Community Workers  Nairobi, Kenya (Virtual), .
2021 Dempsey, M., & Tierney, H. (2021) Ethical Challenges in Educational Research during the Pandemic Implications for interviewing in the online environment Education Matters Virtual Summit 2021 On-line, 06/05/2021-.
2020 Hilary Tierney (2020) Competence frameworks for education and training of youth workers: Context and Considerations 3rd European Youth Work Convention Bonn, Germany, .
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2018 Hilary Tierney (2018) ‘Hope is the better story: learning to “question everything” and “pick the battles you can win” in community work and youth worker’s practice narratives’ 4th International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference Narrating Neo-Liberalism in an Irish Context Sligo IT, .
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2014 Hilary Tierney (2014) Round Table on Development Education and Global Youth Work NYCI Revisiting ‘Standpoints’: Attitudes to Global Justice Among Young People and Youth Workers in Ireland https://www.youth.ie/articles/roundtable-on-development-education-global-youth-work-youth/ Dublin Castle, .
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2011 Hilary Tierney (2011) National Youth Council Conference, November, 2011 ‘Talking the Walk’ articulating youth work’s purpose DKIT, Dundalk, .

Published Report

Year Publication
2010 Maurice Devlin and Hilary Tierney (2010) Standpoints: Attitudes of young people & youth workers to development & global justice issues. NYCI, . [Link]
2004 Hilary Tierney (2004) Community Development Consultancy Course (CDCC): Evaluation Report. Aontas, .
2023 Benson-Olatunde, T.,; Devlin, M.,; Farrelly, A.,; Hambakachere, R.,; and Tierney, H. (2023) Looking out for, looking after and looking to each other. National Youth Council of Ireland, .


Year Publication
2004 Hilary Tierney (2004) Exploring the potential to create all island linkages among community work education and training interests. [Consultancy]

Electronic Publication

Year Publication
2021 Cleary, M.; Cullen, JM.; Furlong, N.; Janning, P. and Tierney, H. (2021) International Youth Work Unit 3: Funding, Strategy, Process. [Electronic Publication] [Link]
2021 Cleary, M.; Cullen, JM.; Furlong, N.; Janning, P. and Tierney, H. (2021) (2021) International Youth Work Unit 2: Connecting, Learning, Participating. [Electronic Publication] [Link]
2021 Cleary, M.; Cullen, JM.; Furlong, N.; Janning, P. and Tierney, H. (2021) International Youth Work Unit 1: What is International Youth Work? A European Programmes Perspective. [Electronic Publication] [Link]
2019 Tierney, Hilary, Devlin, Maurice and Reynolds, Saoirse (2019) Communicating Youth Work Unit 1 - Uniqueness, Benefits and Outcomes. [Electronic Publication] [Link]
2019 Tierney, Hilary, Devlin, Maurice and Reynolds, Saoirse (2019) Communicating Youth Work Unit 2 - Beyond Activities, What Youth Workers Do. [Electronic Publication] [Link]
2019 Tierney, Hilary, Devlin, Maurice and Reynolds, Saoirse (2019) Communicating Youth Work Unit 3 - Getting the word out. [Electronic Publication] [Link]

Guest Lectures

Year Publication
2019 Hilary Tierney (2019) The long and winding road - youth work and professionalisation in Ireland. ECU Perth, WA. [Guest Lectures] [Link]

Invited Lectures

Year Publication
2019 Hilary Tierney (2019) Professional Youth Work Education and Training in MU: Intercultural Competence. [Invited Lectures] [Link]

Video recording / TV

Year Publication
2018 Hilary Tierney (2018) A quick tour of Irish Youth Work. Helsinki, Finland: [Video recording / TV] [Link]


Year Publication
2014 Hilary Tierney and Alison Farrell (2014) Promoting and Sharing Your Youth Work Practice: A workshop to support youth work practitioner writing. [Workshops] [Link]


Year Publication
2020 Hilary Tierney, Antti Korhonen and Ekaterina Sherer (2020) Youth workers: values and ethics. EU-CoE youth partnership MOOC Essentials of Youth Work. [Podcast] [Link]


Year Publication
2020 Jessica Dunne, Alice Mary Higgins, Adam Lambe, Grace McManus, Dermot O'Brien, Cate O'Connor, Hilary Tierney (2020) How can the youth sector activate its power to accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) NYCI One world week 2020. [Webinar] [Link]
2020 Axel Stammberger, Yuliya Stankevich ahd Hilary Tierney (2020) Current debates and the future of youth work. EU-CoE youth partnership MOOC Essentials of Youth Work. [Webinar] [Link]
2020 HIlary Tierney and Noral Furlong (2020) Léargas Webinar Wednesdays: What Do You Need to Know about Non-formal Education in Erasmus+ Projects?. [Webinar] [Link]


Year Publication
2010 Devlin, M. and Tierney, H. (2010) Standpoints: Attitudes of Young People and Youth Workers to Development and Global Justice Issues. : National Youth Council of Ireland. [Full-Text]
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
Sociological Association of Ireland [Member of Pedagogy of Sociology Study Group] Member -
International Association for Community Development [IACD] Member -
TAG-PALCYW Professional Association Lecturers in CYW Member -
International Sciological Association RC34 sub-committee Sociology of Youth member -

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/05/2022 MU Teaching Award to CYW Team Maynooth University
01/01/2013 CTL Fellowship - Research for Practice (with Ciara Bradley) Maynooth University
01/01/2010 CTL Fellowship - Learning Outcomes Project Handbook Maynooth University


Committee Function From / To
QQI Standards Revision and Development in Youth Work and Community Work with NSETS/AIEB Chair 01/09/2023 - 30/09/2024
County Kildare Leader Partnernership [CKLP] Board Member & Member Social Inclusion sub-committee 2014-17 Board Member 2013-17 and 2022-24 -
EaT SNAC Education and Training for Youth Work in FE and HE (Erasmus+) Steering Group Member 01/12/2021 - 30/12/2025
MU Teaching and Learning Committee [2014-17] Member -
Pool of European Youth Researchers [PEYR] -Expert Advisory Group Member Expert Advisory Group Member -
European Academy on Youth Work Advisory Board Member Member -
Europe Goes Local Working Group [Léargas] Member -
Academic Council Member 07/05/2019 -
MU Social Research Ethics Sub-Committee Chair 03/03/2017 -
Youth 2030 Consortium Partnership [NYCI, Trocaire, Concern, CYRD at MU]. Funded by Irish Aid. Consortium Partner [2018-21] -
3rd European Youth Work Convention - Irish Delegation Member Irish Delegation Member 07/12/2020 - 10/12/2020
’Time to show off’ Youth Work Ed & Training Expert Group [Transnational Co-operation Activity] Member of Expert Group [2019-21] -
FSS Teaching and Learning Committee (Chair 2014-17) Chair -
Expert Group in Education and Training for European Youth Work [Léargas] Member -
STEAM in Youth Work Expert Advisory Group [NYCI] Member -
QQI Consultative Forum [2016-17] Member representing NSETS and AIEB -


Client Description
EU-CoE Youth Partnerhsip [2019- Essentials of Youth Work MOOC. Curriculum development and delivery team member. The MOOC Essentials of youth work sets out to: 1. Make youth work known to a wide audience and draw attention to its social value 2. Provide an overview of youth work practices and policies across Europe 3. Present current developments in this field, including at European level.
Youth Work Ireland Tipperary [YWIT] Collaborating with Camara Ireland to offer NUI Certificate in Digital Creativity in Youth Settings to support the development of YWIT as a 'digitally enhanced youth service'. 2020-2022
County Kildare LEADER Partnership [CKLP] Provision of certified Youth Work & Community Work Education programme in Co. Kildare
JUGEND für Europa/SALTO T&C RC [2019-] EU programme ‘Erasmus+’, Time to show off! • to contribute with expertise and ideas to the further shaping of the modules • to critically review and give feedback to the proposal developed by the writers group
EU-CoE youth partnership, SALTO Training and Cooperation and Léargas [2020-21] In the framework of the follow-up of the Council Conclusions on education and training of youth workers and the European Youth Work Agenda, a consortium of National Agencies and National Authorities, in cooperation with the EU-CoE youth partnership and SALTO Training and Cooperation, have decided to organise a Peer Learning Activity (PLA) on the topic of Education and Training of Youth Workers.
Liberties College [CDETB] Evaluation Report Liberties College Youth Studies [2015] External Evaluation - Liberties College Youth Studies Major Award QQI Level 5

Teaching Interests

As an educator of professional community workers and youth workers, I am committed to engaging students in experiential learning that integrates theory and practice in a process of reflective inquiry across the following themes:

Youth Work Theory and Practice
- Global Youth Work 
- Digital Youth Work
 - Informal and Non-formal Learning

Professional Practice
- Professionalism and Professionalisation
- Values and Ethics
- Professional Identity
- Reflective Practice
- Supervision

Research Skills
 -Narrative and Participatory Approaches
- Reflexivity
- Writing Skills
- Relational Ethics

I have co-ordinated and taught across the BSocSc and MSocSc Community and Youth Work programmes over the years.  I teach youth work, professional development and research at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

In 2020-21 co-ordinate the DSocSc programme and act as Academic Director on the NUI Certificates in Youth Work Studies, Digital Creativity in Youth Settings and Global Youth Work and Development Education which are offered in collaboration with sectoral partners CKLP, Camara Ireland and NYCI respectively.

Current Students

Student Name Degree Supervision

Recent Students

Graduation date Name Degree
2020 Michael Barron Doctor of Social Science
2020 Sasha Noonan Doctor of Social Science
2019 SINEAD MCMAHON Doctor of Social Science
2019 Dave Donovan Doctor of Social Science