Dr Mike O'Malley

Bursar's Office, Governing Authority

Head of Department
Bursar and Secretary

Bursar's Office, Rye Hall Extension, North Campus
(01) 708 3620


Mike O Malley is Bursar and Secretary at Maynooth University and is responsible for:

  • Developing and overseeing a financial strategy for the university in the context of the university strategic plan.
  • Controlling the financial affairs of the university.
  • Advising on the strategic financial arrangements for concessions or other commercial activities on campus.
  • Establishing a financial planning and budgeting framework for the individual academic and support units of the university.
  • Leading the development of multi-annual financial projections and annual budgets for the university.
  • Leading and managing the finance office (including fees and grants, payroll and research accounting functions) and ensuring the delivery of quality services and supports to the university.
  • Compliance with University Code of Governance including risk management.
  • Secretary of the Governing Authority including legal affairs.
  • Pensions Office including compliance with pension reporting requirements.
  • Reporting including Annual Accounts, HEA reporting, Comptroller and Auditor General relationship and liaison with the Audit and Risk Assessment Committee.