A PhD is the most advanced degree awarded by the University. It is an enormously fulfilling, engaging, and challenging programme. Those who complete it earn the use of the designation Doctor as a mark of accomplishment, but much more importantly develop their intellectual capacity to examine the world around them at the most advanced level. Many who complete the process describe it as a life changing experience which opens up their minds and their opportunities in ways they had never considered.

 On this page, you will find a basic overview of the application process for a PhD with Maynooth University School of Business. You can find more detailed information about the application process, including the research proposal, at this link.

The PhD e-book also provides an overview of the benefits, entry requirements and course structure of our PhD programmes: PhD E-Book 2023-24  

Doctoral Scholarship in the School of Business Doctoral Scholarship in the School of Business Applications are closed for 2024.
Our PhD offerings: ​We offer PhDs in Business & Management, Finance, and Accounting.
Finding a supervisor: The first step for a prospective PhD student is to develop an initial proposal and identify a supervisor from within our faculty who is willing and able to supervise your topic. You can find a list of all faculty as well as information on their research interests, on the ‘Our People’ section of our website.

Some of our faculty have indicated their particular PhD supervision interests in this document: MU SoB PHD Interests for Circulation 2024
You may contact anyone you think is suitable and ask whether they would be willing to take you on as a student.

Developing a research proposal: You can find our guidance on developing a research proposal at this link.
Application: Once you have identified a willing supervisor, you can fill out the School of Business PhD Application Form: School of Business PhD Application Form
Critera for admission: Criteria for admission can be found here (under Entry Requirements):

PhD Business & Management
PhD Accounting
PhD Finance

Once you submit your application, the school will review it and, if satisfied that you meet school criteria, will invite you to submit a formal application to the university.

Other scholarships: In addition to the School of Business Doctoral Scholarship, Maynooth University also offers several other scholarships.

Maynooth University’s John Hume scholarship has closed as of 5th of March, 2024, but for reference you can find more information here.

Information on other scholarships can be found as they arise on this page, and also here.

You may also find the following page of interest: https://research.ie/funding/goipg/?f=postgraduate

Fees: The Fees Office manage the fees for Maynooth University.
Other information: For information on English language or visa requirements, please get in touch with our International Office.

‘Our structured PhD programme incorporates student supervision, PhD modules, knowledge exchange forums and development opportunities. Our PhD learning journey is designed to achieve the following goals and objectives for our students.’   If you would like to read about the research expertise within the School of Business, you can find this information on the Our People section of our website.​


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