A PhD is the most advanced degree awarded by the University. It is an enormously fulfilling, engaging, and challenging programme. Those who complete it earn the use of the designation Doctor as a mark of accomplishment, but much more importantly develop their intellectual capacity to examine the world around them at the most advanced level. Many who complete the process describe it as a life changing experience which opens up their minds and their opportunities in ways they had never considered.

PhD Offerings

Business & Management

PhD Application Process and Admission Criteria

 PhD Application Process
  School of Business PhD Application Form

Fees & Scholarship Information

The John and Pat Hume Doctoral Awards are offered each year as funding support for new PhD students across all departments of the University. 

For further information relating to scholarships and fees, please see the Graduate Studies Office website.

 If you would like to read about the research expertise within the School of Business, you can find this information on the Our People section of our website.​