Affiliates of MUSSI

Maynooth University enjoys an eminent reputation as a centre for research excellence and influence in the social sciences, and is committed to supporting high quality fundamental research, publicly engaged scholarship, evidence informed policy making and innovation based commerce and enterprise. The primary mission of the Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI) is to support and to scale the fundamental and applied social scientific research which is currently taking place across the Faculty of Social Sciences at Maynooth University and more broadly across the campus. We have a remit to foster and carry out research of societal importance in all areas of the Social Sciences with the aim of bringing together excellent researchers from both Maynooth and external partners, and be recognised as a major international centre of excellence for research and policy in the social sciences.

We are delighted to offer affilate status to centres within the Faculty of Social science whos research also comes under this remit.
Currently the affiliated Maynooth Univerversity Centres are;

  • Centre for Mental Health & Community Research
    Researching, innovating and transforming the health and well-being of communities
  • Centre for Research in Adult Learning and Education (CRALE)
    Enhancing the educational experiences of disadvantaged communities